Rashōmon, the Tiger and the Last Tycoon (羅生門と虎と最後の大君, Rashōmon to Tora to Saigo no Taikun?) is the 35th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Akutagawa berates Atsushi.

Akutagawa chases Atsushi, retracting his earlier comment that he could not understand him. He finally understands that he always fights for others to live even at the cost of his own life. Grasping the weretiger's line of thinking, Akutagawa pins him down with Rashōmon and voices his disgust at him, humoring him if people will recognize and regard him as someone with value if he fights for them. Disappointed, he releases his ability and remarks that killing Atsushi a hundred times shall not bring him victory — the only feat that Akutagawa believes brings value to him. Without victories, he shall not be acknowledged by people, including Dazai. Before he could ask further, Fitzgerald finds them.

Dazai continues to persuade Kyōka for a change of heart. He tells her that each person has good and bad points; she happens to think that her bad point is killing people, but Dazai dismisses it to be a stupid notion. He lectures her about the nature of possibilities, using Atsushi as an example. Originally a dangerous beast, he is now fighting up in the sky to protect Yokohama.

Atsushi escapes to an elevator.

Finding a means to escape his two adversaries, Atsushi rushes to a nearby elevator, but Akutagawa enters it at the last minute before it closes. Akutagawa remarks how Atsushi is quite a fool, revealing that the elevator leads only to the deck. As the mafioso gets irritated for losing to such foolish guy, Atsushi blurts out that, though he may be foolish, he is stronger than someone who only uses his strength to kill. Akutagawa grabs Atsushi and admits the reason behind his unbearable character: he has everything, yet he is completely blind to his own abilities and is constantly wallowing in the pain of his past. As such, even with no effort at all, he is able to earn the acknowledgement and praise of Dazai.

The elevator opens, and the two are greeted by Fitzgerald, who escorts them to the deck that shall become their battleground. Akutagawa asks Fitzgerald if defeating him would make him no longer weak, which the man acquiesces to. Hence, Akutagawa resolves to beat him no matter what, activating Rashōmon: Demonic Armor to clad his entire body with the ability. Akutagawa clashes with Fitzgerald and blocks the latter's physical attacks. At that point, Atsushi muses how Akutagawa is so strong yet thinks that he is still weak. In any case, he taps into the tiger and asks for its help once again. He cuts in the fight, both of whom wish to defeat Fitzgerald.

Atsushi and Akutagawa yell at Fitzgerald not to compare the two of them and punch the Guild leader.

Atsushi chides Akutagawa, while the latter rebukes him in return. Fitzgerald chuckles at the two and remarks how the two are quite simillar to each other. Yelling at him not to compare the two of them, Atsushi and Akutagawa punch down Fitzgerald. Akutagawa's armor reverts back and becomes weakened internally. As the two bicker, they notice Fitzgerald stand up, with a chill in the air surrounding him. Fitzgerald asks the weretiger what else besides family is worth sacrificing for, professing his need to obtain the book in order to bring his deceased child back to life.

Willing to do anything for his wife Zelda — who has turned ill and believes that their daughter is still studying in London — Fitzgerald spends all of his fortune on his ability. Atsushi asks Akutagawa if he is foolish for wanting to escape his past, which the latter confirms and convinces him that the past now has nothing to do with his present self. In return, Atsushi assures Akutagawa that Dazai may have already acknowledged him a long time ago. Putting aside their differences, the two rush towards Fitzgerald and launch their attack.

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