Closing the Party (宴の始末, Utage no Shimatsu?) is the 37th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Louisa May, Steinbeck, and Twain after the Guild war

The remaining Guild members, Louisa May, Steinbeck, and Twain view the crashing of Moby Dick. Twain describes it as a good place to which Steinbeck unsurely replies with Mody Dick while Twain replies that it is the Guild. They discuss the Guild's fate. Alcott decided to look for Fitzgerald, Steinbeck decides to protect what's left of the organization. Twain decides to head back home to write his biography. Lovecraft then appears as his "contract" with Fitzgerald is complete and jumps into the ocean to sleep. Alcott, Steinbeck, and Twain are stunned.

Ango approaches Melville after the Guild war.

Following the crash of Moby Dick, Ango appears annoyed as the war will cause him a lot of stress and work. Herman is sitting on a bench nearby as Ango asks him for his co-operation. Herman responds that he would like to watch the sea for a bit to which Ango agrees and that if he can give them info, it'll save him from arresting innocent Guild members like him. Herman wonders why Ango thinks that someone of a mere rank and filer have that power and knowledge. Ango replies that it is because Herman was actually a head of the Guild two generations back. Herman then tells Ango that youngsters are so eager to bring up old tales. Ango then shows him handcuffs and tells him that they won't be needing it. The two walk away as a miniature Moby Dick follows behind Herman.

The agency welcomes Kyōka to the agency.

Back at the agency office, |Kyōka and Atsushi are at the entrance of the office. Atsushi encourages Kyōka to which by her suprise, the agency members are waiting for them and welcomes Kyōka to the agency. Everyone celebrates as Kyōka is officially declared as a member of the Agency. Everybody drinks and eats as they have a party. In the middle of the party, Kunikida approaches Atsushi and tells him that he wants a full report tomorrow and begins to scold him. Suddenly, Yosano appears and drags Kunikida, encouraging him to tell what he wants to tell which is praising Kyōka and Atsushi. Atsushi then approaches Naomi and Haruno and apologizes for what he had done when he was under Q's Dogra Magra. Meanwhile, Poe arrives at the agency to bring the manuscript Ranpo requested.

Fyodor after the Guild war.

At the Mafia, the executives also celebrate drinking wine. Chūya asks Mori what are they going to do with Akutagawa. Mori responds that he needs a praise even though Akutagawa damages everything, he still manages to contribute at the end. He then asks Kōyō what made her prevent from leaving the agency office to which she replies that the tea is good. However, the truth is Dazai talked to her about his plan and saving Kyōka. Meanwhile, Dazai and Hirotsu are at an art museum. Dazai thanks Hirotsu for helping him out to which he replies that what he only did was to tell Higuchi that the agency is infiltrating the Moby Dick, which resulted to Higuchi telling Akutagawa and Akutagawa infiltrating the Moby Dick himself. Dazai explains why he decided to form the next generation of Twin Dark to battle a certain somebody in the near future. The person behind the crash of Moby Dick turns out to be Fyodor Dostoevsky with the assistance of Hawthorne. Hawthorne's motive for joining Fyodor is to get Mitchell the treatment she needs and that he'll only be helping for that. Dostoevsky says that's all he needs and says that together they will taint Yokohama with the blood of the sinners, for a better world.

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