Slap the Stick is the 38th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Cafe Uzumaki ransacked.

Atsushi walks towards café to inform the agency members that they have received a new request. He then walks into the café and notices most of the Agency's members being drained after the Guild war. He also notices that Kunikida is not present at the cafe and asks where he is. Dazai replies that Kunikida is at the office doing reports. Atsushi then proceeds to tell them about a military police report stating that crimes overseas have been increasing aiming for the Guild's fortune. Ranpo replies that it must be a bunch of bored thrill seekers. Atsushi then reveals that he also saw an ex-Guild member carrying a metal box yesterday but got away. Atsushi then tells that the gangs may be plotting revenge against the agency.

The next day, the agency members enter the café and see that it has been ransacked. They then saw the cafe manager at the corner with his nail taken off and the employees tell them that it had been a group of strangers wanting to know where the Agency members were.

The gang "Zoopark".

The group of criminals, at their hideout are confident in the fact that they won't be found. Their boss boasts to his members that they don't need a grandiose plan and the agency members will fear them and will lead them to the Guild's assets. A member reports that the agency is on move however their boss is confident since they move their hideout every four days and not even the interpol can track them and their door is made of heavy steel. Not much later, Kenji rips out the door. Dazai says that Ranpo managed to figure out where they were within five seconds. Tanizaki had hidden their presence from the cameras with his Light Snow, and Atsushi and Kunikida had dealt with the guards. The boss tries to call for backup, but they refuse because of who they would be facing. Before it’s seen what Yosano was going to do to the boss, it cuts to them sitting in the café.

Lucy as a waitress at the Cafe Uzumaki.

Back at the cafe, Tanizaki asks what assets the Guild have to which Dazai replies that they have none as another guy has seized it all and tells that the gang they dealt with sure is dealing with false intel the guy spread. Atsushi then wonders what happens to the other Guild members. Suddenly the wife of the cafe manager calls out to someone and introduces their new waiter to the agency. The new waitress turns out to be Lucy. She then walks in at the cafe, but once she notices Atsushi, she throws her box against his face and runs away.

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