Yokohama Gangster Paradise, Part 2 (ヨコハマ ギヤングスタア パラダヰス (後編), Yokohama Gyangusutaa Paradaisu (Kōhen)?) is the 4th chapter the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi, Tanizaki, and Naomi are trying to fight against Higuchi, but Naomi is gunned down protecting her brother and Tanizaki is stabbed by Akutagawa using his ability Rashomon. Atsushi then fights against Akutagawa using his ability, but before the fight could be concluded they are stopped by Dazai. It's revealed that someone put a seven billion yen bounty on Atsushi's head and that Dazai used to be in the Mafia.


Dazai lays on the couch, headphones on his ears with a shocked expression. Kunikida calls out for Dazai to start working, walking over to the couch he was laying on to find an empty couch.

Naomi protected Tanizaki from being shot.

Higuchi shoots at Atsushi, Tanizaki, and Naomi, saying for her master's sake for them to die. Tanizaki collapses to his knees, Naomi had blocked all the bullets, collapsing on Tanizaki after asking if he was okay. Tanizaki panics, asking Atsushi for bandages when Higuchi steps forward, putting a gun to the back of his head, asking if he would mind joining Naomi. Tanizaki picks up Naomi, activating his ability, Light Snow, telling Atsushi to take cover and to leave Higuchi to him to kill. Higuchi shoots at Tanizaki, yet his figure disappears like a hologram. Explaining his ability allows him to overwrite his body into the scenery, making him invisible if he wishes. Higuchi retaliates, saying that although she cannot see him, she can still hurt him, immediately shooting her bullets aimlessly into the air. Tanizaki appears behind her, grabbing her throat and trying to choke her out when he is impaled by Akutagawa's ability.

Akutagawa and Atsushi first encounter.

Atsushi gets a flashback of Kunikida telling Atsushi to stay away from Akutagawa, flinching back to reality as Akutagawa introduces himself, adding he is a lowly guard dog of the port mafia. Higuchi quickly recovers, telling Akutagawa she can handle the situation herself when Akutagawa slaps her across the face, her sunglasses falling to the floor from the hit. Akutagawa insults her, calling her a useless imbecile as she could've shot the man-tiger when their orders were to take him alive. Higuchi apologizes, Atsushi asks about the order to capture the man-tiger alive. Akutagawa calls Atsushi the man-tiger, saying it's his fault that his companions are injured, saying he brings calamity to those around him. Atsushi gets a flashback from his orphanage, dropping a cold sweat in fear. Akutagawa activates his ability Rashomon, attacking right beside Atsushi, creating an elongated crater beside him. Akutagawa tells Atsushi he will have Rashomon consume his leg if he resists, Atsushi collapses, mumbling rhetorical questions to himself.

Akutagawa introduces himself.

Tanizaki tells Atsushi to run, Atsushi has a flashback of Kunikida telling him to uphold a good status for the agency and to avoid doing anything to ruin their reputation. Atsushi runs up, sprinting towards Akutagawa, dodging Rashomon by sliding on the floor and grabbing a gun, shooting at Akutagawa until the bullets ran out. Akutagawa looks over his shoulder to Atsushi, the bullets falling to the floor as he is unharmed. Akutagawa acknowledges of his attack was quite good, but a foolish attempt. Akutagawa steps on the bullets as he explains his beast, Rashomon, consume anything, even space its self. His Rashomon had consumed the space the bullets were trying to cross, Atsushi flinches, thinking how if he was saying the truth then no attack would be effective against him.

Atsushi's leg cut off by Rashomon.

Akutagawa keeps his promise, proceeding to use Rashomon to cut off Atsushi's leg. Atsushi looks back, seeing his leg amputated and flying in the air behind him. Atsushi screams in pain as Akutagawa coughs, suddenly, Atsushi gets a flashback of his younger self crying in the orphanage. Suddenly, a male slaps him across the face, the hit causing him to fall to the ground. The male yells at Atsushi, saying that only those with parents may cry and that brats who have been dumped by their parents do not deserve to cry. Atsushi's present self stares at the scene sadly, recalling how he's been shunned since the day he was born.

Atsushi partially transforms into a tiger.

Akutagawa starts to walk away, when he turns around, seeing Atsushi against the wall, his face similar to that of a tiger's. Suddenly, Atsushi transforms into a tiger, Akutagawa seemingly pleased at the competition. Atsushi, now in the form of a large white tiger, launches at Akutagawa when he uses Rashomon as it bites into his stomach. Atsushi immediately regenerates, Higuchi yells to Akutagawa, Akutagawa telling her to back off as she is no match for him. Quickly, Atsushi lunges to Akutagawa, nearby cutting him when Akutagawa uses a spiderweb-like defense, the tiger easily slammed against it, sending Akutagawa flying into a wall, coughing from the impact. Higuchi swears at Atsushi, taking a gun and shooting at him when they had no effect. Akutagawa uses Rashomon: Agito, slicing Atsushi in half right before he attacked Higuchi who was backed up against a wall. Blood splatters onto Higuchi, Akutagawa clicks his tongue, saying they should've captured him alive.

Rashomon Murakumo

Suddenly, the tiger's body disappears as Tanizaki activated his ability, revealing it was an illusion. Atsushi appears behind Akutagawa, sprinting him towards him as Akutagawa uses Rashomon: Murakumo, launching the attack towards Atsushi when Dazai nullifies both of their abilities, Atsushi transforming back into his human form as he collapsed onto the floor, passed out. Higuchi recognizes him as an agency member, asking why he is here. Dazai pulls out a device, Higuchi searches her pockets to find a listening bug, realizing Dazai saw through her plans from the very start, using his offer of double suicide as a distraction to place the bug into her pocket. Dazai smiles, cheerfully confirming Higuchi's statement. Dazai courches to Atsushi, nudging for him to awaken. Higuchi pulls a gun on him and Akutagawa snickers, saying she cannot beat him.

Dazai stops Atsushi and Akutagawa.

Akutagawa says he will let them go this time, but they will get the man-tiger sooner or later. Dazai asks why, and Akutagawa explains there's a 7 billion yen bounty on his head, and that they should just hand him over and they'll leave them in peace. Dazai asks if they would like a war with the agency, saying they've got guts, "Give us your best shot... If you dare.". Higuchi furrowed her eyebrows in anger, saying the Port Mafia his the underworld of the city, having dozens of enterprises under their control, influence over politics, economics, and many other sectors in the city, and that their agency, with only a handful of people, would take them 3 days to eliminate. Dazai scratches the back of his head, seemingly unfazed by her threat, saying he's already aware of such. Akutagawa agrees, saying of course he would know of such as Dazai is an ex-mafia.

Chapter Notes

  • Dazai is revealed to be a former Port Mafia member.

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