Sins Granted by the Hand of God (咎与うるは神の (わざ), Toga Ataeuru wa Kami no Waza?) is the 42nd chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


A volunteers to interrogate Dostoevsky.

In the underground prison of the Port Mafia, Dostoevsky is tied down. Back on the surface, the mafia executives discuss Dostoevsky's fate. One executive, A, asks if he can be put in charge of the Russian's interrogation, which Mori allows.

A then goes underground and meets Dostoevsky. A unties him and is disgusted on the way they treated Dostoevsky. The two then go back up on the surface. A asks Dostoevsky to join him, to which Dostoevsky declines.

A smashes a bottle on Dostoevsky.

Dostoevsky threatens to kill A, but A smashes a bottle of wine on his head. A explains his ability, the ability to change the lifespan of those who equip a collar given by A himself, to the same value as jewels. He then leaves the room and says that if Dostoevsky wears the collar he'll keep on living, if he doesn't he dies.

One of A's subordinates, Karma, takes pity on Dostoevsky and begins to talk to him. He explains his situation and how he became a collared slave. Karma asks Dostoevsky whether or not he's afraid of A. Dostoevsky laughs at this and tells him no, as his ability is the manipulation of consciousness and space.

A pulls up a wire to escape the fake reality.

Dostoevsky meets up with A again and proposes a game. If A wins, Dostoevsky will equip the collar, but if he loses, Dostoevsky can escape. A agrees to this, but Dostoevsky eventually wins. A calls his troops to kill Dostoevsky. To his surprise, it turns out that Dostoevsky has already suppressed his comrades. A then laughs and says that he knew what Dostoevsky's ability is and says that is why he won the card game. A then concludes that the only way to escape Dostoevsky's mind is to commit suicide.

Back underground, Karma is wondering how Dostoevsky if A has already killed off Dostoevsky or not. Suddenly Dostoevsky appears behind him. Karma is shocked and asks how he escapes. Dostoevsky answers saying it is because his ability is not the power to manipulate consciousness and space. Karma rushes out, only to be met by A hanging from the ceiling, dead. Dostoevsky then continues to explain everything and reveals that his true goal was to gain a list with all the mafia member's abilities. Dostoevsky then says that no one can know about his plan and kills Karma. Dostoevsky leaves while saying that 'next is the Port Mafia and the Detective Agency.'

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