Fitzgerald Rising (フィッツジェラルド・ライジング, Fittsujerarudo Raijingu?) is the 44th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Alcott is seen walking in the slums trying to find Fitzgerald and eventually finds him. Alcott pleads with Fitzgerald to come back as the leader of the Guild, but Fitzgerald tells her not to appear before him again. Fitzgerald is then seen walking away accidentally bumping into the Zoopark's leader. The Zoopark members walk away as Fitzgerald eyes them suspiciously.

Fitzgerald saves Alcott from the Park.

Alcott bumps into someone, that being the Zoopark's leader. He asks Alcott where the Guild's inheritance is, to which Alcott says the Guild doesn't have inheritance money. He points a gun to Alcott's head, ready to shoot as Alcott closes her eyes. Fitzgerald suddenly comes back and punches the leader. Fitzgerald then proceeds to beat up the rest. Fitzgerald then asks Alcott what's next.

Fitzgerald and Alcott are seen in a shop buying a new suit for Fitzgerald and cleaning him up. Fitzgerald plans to buy the Special Division for Unusual Powers, which Alcott says would cost about fifty billion dollars. Alcott says that they have no money or comrades, that they're just two wanted ability users. Fitzgerald smiles at her and says that it's exciting. Alcott smiles back. But it turns out that Steinbeck has heard everything and is furious that they are trying to re-build the Guild. Steinbeck says that he will crush his ambition, and that when Fitzgerald cannot stand up once again that they can become friends.

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