Fix it, Master Craft is the 45th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Fitzgerald and Alcott at their new base.

Fitzgerald and Alcott walk in front of the Guild's fourth base, Wonderful Manor. As they walk in, Alcott says that she will use her ability to write a book of strategies. She says that she can only activate her ability in a private room so she asks Fitzgerald to wait. Fitzgerald opens the next door which turns out to be the neighbor's house. Fitzgerald goes in anyway.

Alcott then walks into their room and uses her ability, Little Women. It's not predicting the information of the future, but it makes time pass at 1/8000th of regular speed only when in a private room. Fitzgerald then comes in and reads the strategies and chooses the 82nd plan.

Fitzgerald makes a deal with Eckleburg.

A man in a room is drowning his sorrows in alcohol, after which he plans on taking his life by drinking a degreasing agent. Fitzgerald suddenly appears behind him, and the man, Dr T. J. Eckleburg, is shocked with Fitzgerald accusing Eckleburg of murdering a co-worker, to which the engineer denies. Fitzgerald then offers him to solve his case, but in return, Eckleburg has to hand over the identification and tracking system that made the "Eyes of God".

Fitzgerald then schedules an appointment to meet the director of the company Eckleburg works for. Fitzgerald and Alcott meet the man, Chairman Tom Buchanan. Fitzgerald offers to him to clear Eckleburg's crime, but Buchanan declines the offer as he thinks it is pointless in saving a subordinate found guilty by "Eyes of God". Fitzgerald then leaves. As they leave, Fitzgerald asks Alcott to investigate the case. Alcott says that she is only a strategist, not a detective. Fitzgerald says that if she cannot solve the case, she knows someone who can. Alcott asks Poe to solve the case and he immediately asks Ranpo for help.

Interrupting the trial, Fitzgerald objects with the jury's verdict.

The next day, Eckleburg is in court and is immediately labeled guilty. Fitzgerald spots Buchanan and accuses him of murdering his worker. He goes on to explain the entire case. Fitzgerald says to him to hand over $400,000 and he'll forget everything. Buchanan agrees and writes him a cheque. Back in court, Fitzgerald bursts in and plays a recorder with Buchanan saying that he'll give him $400,000 if he forgets about the case. After the court, Buchanan approaches Fitzgerald and goes to punch him, but Fitzgerald uses his ability and blocks his punch. In the aftermath, Fitzgerald finally owns "Eyes of God" and Buchanan's firm.

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