The Masked Assassin (仮面ノ暗殺者, Kamen no Ansatsusha?) is the 46th chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Fukuzawa stops the masked assassin's attack.

Fukuzawa walks alone at night when he suddenly sees a trail of blood. He follows the trail, when suddenly it's a dead end. A masked assassin jumps behind Fukuzawa with a sword. Fukuzawa misses it just barely. The assassin chants death to ability users. Suddenly, someone shoots Fukuzawa from afar, and he falls onto the ground. Back at the Agency, everyone is worried about Fukuzawa. Even Yosano cannot heal him.

Meanwhile, the Port Mafia are trying to hunt down the assassin. Mori and Elise are shopping when their car explodes just after they enter. The assassin is seen flying once more above the explosion. Dazai is also trying to find out who the assassin is. Immediately, he figures out who it is. At the scene of the explosion, Elise flies and grabs Mori by the neck. She lets him go and it turns out that Elise is Mori's ability. Mori then receives a call from Akutagawa.

Mori stabbed by the police officer.

Akutagawa has found the assassin and goes after them. Akutagawa stabs the assassin and manages to remove his mask, revealing him to be Hawthorne, but he has no idea who Akutagawa is anymore. Back with Mori, a police officer rushes over to the scene and asks what happened. Mori makes up some lie, but the police officer comes over to Mori and stabs him. As Mori grabs the mask off the man, it turns out to be Fyodor. Elise comes flying at him but has lost sight of him.

In an alleyway, Fyodor sheds his disguise and rummages through the bin to find where he put his hat. Fyodor turns around to see Dazai with his hat. Dazai then throws his hat on the ground. Dazai asks him what his intentions are, as he has figured everything else out. Fyodor asks him if he means to say that they are alike. Fyodor then goes on to explain that the virus means mutual destruction. He explains that if they want to save Fukuzawa they would need to kill Mori. Fyodor then says that someone needs to get rid of these sins and that is why he is pursuing the Book. Suddenly, a sniper from behind shoots Dazai. Fyodor suddenly hears the voices of Kunikida and Atsushi calling for Dazai and exits the scene.

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