Mutual Destruction, Part 2 (共喰い 其の弐, Tomogui Sono Ni?) is the 48th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Tanizaki prepares to kill Mori.

The Black Lizard commanders come to interrogate Tanizaki. Tachihara asks if he knows how they deal with hostages. Tanizaki asks if they will kill him, but Hirotsu says no and asks him to be a spy for the Mafia instead. Tanizaki says that he wouldn't, even if they threatened him. Hirotsu suddenly mentions Naomi's name, to which Tanizaki's eyes widen and threaten that, should they lay a hand on Naomi, he would murder them all. Using his ability and with Kunikida activating his own ability to remotely manifest a switch blade, Tanizaki manages to escape. He then runs to the top floor where Mori is. Tanizaki holds up a knife to stab Mori.

Fukuzawa's eyes open, finding himself to be in Anne's Room. Lucy tells him not to move, but he does so anyway. Fukuzawa then holds up a shaky hand and tells Lucy that the balance and peace of Yokohama must be protected over his life. Tanizaki was about to stab Mori, only to be stopped by Golden Demon. Kōyō says that she is reluctant to stab one of Kyōka's comrades, after which Tanizaki uses his ability. Golden Demon is about to stab Tanizaki when Kyōka bursts in. Kyōka then grabs Tanizaki and leaves. Kōyō's subordinates begin to shoot at Kyōka, but she tells them to stop for fear of shooting Kyōka.

The Agency heads out to face the Mafia, while Atsushi heads to Katai's place.

As Ranpo, Yosano, Kenji, Kunikida, and Atsushi await in a truck, they soon pick up Tanizaki and Kyōka. Tanizaki is badly bruised as Yosano examines him. Ranpo tells everyone that they can either fight or choose to retreat. Everyone except Kunikida head off as Kunikida is still badly affected by the incident that took place beforehand. Ranpo tells Kunikida that Fyodor wanted to break him first as he was the strongest and the most virtuous in the Agency. Ranpo then leaves with the other members. Upon Ranpo's behest, Atsushi decides to check on Katai's place, who was in the middle of investigating the Rats in the House of the Dead before his disappearance.

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