Mutual Destruction, Part 3 (共喰い 其の参, Tomogui Sono San?) is the 49th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Ranpo versus Chūya.

Seventeen hours before the virus breaks out, Yosano, Tanizaki, and Kenji attack the Mafia members. Chūya orders the Mafia to defend Mori with all their life. He then encounters Ranpo, who provokes the mafioso. With the help of Poe's ability, Ranpo manages to trap Chūya and himself into a mystery novel.

Meanwhile, Atsushi rushes over to Katai's apartment. He meets Kunikida and he explains that Katai is missing. Kunikida explains that Katai records videos of his room in case of an emergency. Atsushi and Kunikida take a look at one of the videos. They see Katai in his futon looking at his laptop's screen. He discovers the mastermind's whereabouts, but a mysterious figure shoots him from behind. The video ends. Kunikida and Atsushi immediately check Katai's futon, but all they see is blood.

Kyōka versus Akutagawa.

At the Mafia base, Kyōka has trapped Higuchi with Demon Snow to ask about security code where Mori stays, but Akutagawa suddenly arrives. They begin to fight, and Akutagawa notes that its been a while since he's had an opponent with a spine. Kyōka and Akutagawa attack each other, but they are on par. Akutagawa says that Kyōka has changed since the last time he's met her. Kyōka then escapes.

Yosano, Tanizaki and Kenji take cover from the firing mafiosi, but the latter eventually halt their attacks. To Yosano's surprise, they encounter Kajii, who destroys the area with his lemon bombs for his infamous Lemon Catwalk. Seeing that she might not heal them if the worse comes to worst, Yosano asks her fellow Agency members to retreat.

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