The Fatalist's Sorrow (運命論者の悲み, Unmeironsha no Kanami?) is the 5th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi is worried about the Agency getting attacked by the Port Mafia because of his bounty, so he decides to leave the Agency in hopes of keeping everyone safe. Despite that, the Agency is still attacked by a special Mafia combat group called the Black Lizard. Atsushi, hearing of this, hurries back, but discovers that there was nothing to fear since the Agency easily dispatches the Black Lizard. After the incident, Ranpo announces that he was asked to solve a murder case. Atsushi is told to go with him.


Atsushi wakes up at the agency infirmary.

Atsushi wakes up in the agency's infirmary after being attacked by the mafia, seeing Kunikida sitting by his bed. Atsushi asks frantically about Tanizaki and Naomi and Kunikida assures Atsushi that they're fine and that Doctor Yosano is treating them next door. A loud scream from the other room is heard and Atsushi seems to doubt the type of "treating" Doctor Yosano is doing. Kunikida asks about the supposed bounty on his head, and Atsushi panics and asks what they should do about it. Kunikida tells Atsushi not to worry, trying to reassure him when Atsushi informs him he is reading his notebook upside-down. Kunikida silently readjusts his notebook and explodes, showing him how he'd beat them up and yelling about how he wouldn't waver because of them. Atsushi blames himself, telling himself that he's put the agency in grave danger and that it's gotten Kunikida worked up. As Kunikida calms down, he tells Atsushi to think of something to do. Before leaving, Kunikida asks Atsushi where his glasses are him they're on his head.

Hirotsu uses his ability.

A silver-haired male leans against the wall, a cigarette in hand when a guard in a black suit tells him it's time. He tells the other guards to stand back as he places his hand onto a door, it immediately flies off its hinges in another direction. Inside the warehouse-type room, there is a group of males. The silver-haired male apologizes, telling them they're here to seek out a group of people stealing and selling Port Mafia goods in the black market, and that they're here to collect evidence. Suddenly, one of the males picks up an iron pipe and the silver-haired male quickly touches the pipe before it hits him, immediately the male and the pipe fly backward and crash into the wall. The male flinches, mumbling on how such a thing could be possible. The silver-haired male places his hand on the male's shoulder, asking if he'd ever witnessed an ability in use. The male's body becomes bent in unnatural ways, him screaming in pain. The silver-haired male walks away, waving his hand to the guards and telling the guards to kill them all, them immediately shooting the group down.

Atsushi talks to Higuchi over the phone.

Atsushi hears an explosion, quickly heading to the please of the explosion to hear about a mass murder that had occurred, the culprits a group in the combat division of the mafia called the Black Lizard. Atsushi images what would happen if the Black Lizard attacked the agency, walking over to a phone booth and calling Higuchi, Atsushi remembering her cell phone number from the business card she gave to the agency during her latest visit. Atsushi tells Higuchi he's going to leave the agency and run away, Higuchi asks if he's trying to get the Port Mafia to leave the agency alone. Atsushi doesn't respond, hanging up. Higuchi then tells a guard to call the Black Lizard. As Atsushi carries a large bag over his shoulder, he passes Kunikida. Kunikida asks Atsushi to help give him a hand when Atsushi walks past him, telling him the agency will be safe this way. Kunikida is confused, and Atsushi continues is way, the memory of an orphanage staff member telling him there is no place for him in the entire world, Atsushi silently agreeing with the memory.

Hirotsu stops Gin and Tachihara.

The silver-haired male leans against the wall, a cigarette in his mouth. Another male with many guards following him walks up to him. The silver-haired male tells him he's late by 2 minutes, the other male is revealed as Michizō Tachihara, a commander of Ten Combat Squad Black Lizard. Tachihara asks him Gin is late, the silver-haired male says he's right behind him. Tachihara turns around to see Gin walk out of the shadows, a commander of the Ten COmbat Squad Black Lizard as well. Tachihara calls Gin creepy, Gin retaliates, putting a knife to his throat and Tachihara putting a gun to Gin's stomach. The silver-haired male tells them to stop fighting unless they want to be reported KIA, him being revealed as Hirotsu Ryurou, Combat Squad Black Lizard commander of a hundred. Tachihara and Gin flinch, backing away from each other when Hirtosu gets a call on his phone from Higuchi. Higuchi tells them to eliminate the agency as they were the reason the last attempt at getting the man-tiger had failed. After the call, Higuchi slams the phone shut in anger at the memory of Akutagawa being thwarted by the agency.

Black Lizard invades the agency office.

The Black Lizard breaks down the agency's door, walking in with their guards having their guns drawn. Hirotsu apologizes before the guards, Tachihara, and Gin begins to attack with a wave from his hands. Atsushi hears gunshots, running back to the agency to see them easily knock out the black lizard. Kunikida casually welcomes Atsushi back, going to yell at him for disappearing. Kenji asks what he should do with the passed out bodies of the Black Lizard, and Kunikida tells him to throw them out the window. Kunikida rages about how the cost to repair the damage caused by the raid would mess up the budget. Atsushi realizes that the agency is even more terrifying and dangerous than the mafia. Ranpo announces he's going to assist in the investigation of a murder case as he prepares to leave, Kunikida tells Atsushi to go with him. Kunikida pauses, seeing Atsushi had spaced out, Kunikida grabs Atsushi's shoulder, turning him around to see Atsushi crying. Kunikida asks why Atsushi is crying and Atsushi and Kunikida bicker about whether or not he was crying.

Chapter Notes

  • The Black Lizard was introduced.

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