Sunday Tragedy, Part 1 (悲劇なる日曜日 (サンデイ・トラジェディ) 前編, Sandei Torajedi Zenpen?) is the 57th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Mushitaro warns Ranpo not to take the Agency's next big case.

Mushitaro is aghast upon witnessing the driver get shot at point-blank range, afterwards being given a pop quiz by the officer outside, who turns out to be a clown named Gogol. He then introduces the Decay of Angels, a terrorist "murder association" of five people who shall announce the demise of the celestial world. Realizing Gogol is an associate of Dostoevsky, Mushitaro grabs the vehicle's radio transceiver and warns Ranpo not to take the next case that shall be requested of the Agency. Before he can continue with his warning, Ranpo hears gunshots at the other end of the line.

A month after the events of Cannibalism, Fukuzawa receives the Shikyū Award from Vice Minister of Justice Tonan for the Agency's major contributions to ensuring safety. Meanwhile, Kunikida trains Atsushi in physical combat, who advises him that the tiger is strong, but he is still weak. The Agency soon convenes to discuss the recent murder association killings requested by the government, amounting to four victims killed through grisly methods throughout the week.

Ranpo refuses to take the case per Mushitaro's warning.

With a fifth one most likely due to occur, Fukuzawa asks his cohorts to prevent the final one from happening. Ranpo refuses to accept the case after remembering Mushitaro's warning. Though Fukuzawa asserts that it is their duty to put their lives on the line in stopping the murder, Ranpo insists on refusing the case and storms out of the office. Despite his absence, Fukuzawa orders the Agency to pursue the murderer, knowing that Ranpo shall be searching for the truth behind the Agency's impending downfall.

Later, Ango contacts Atsushi after being unable to reach Dazai. Ango asks Atsushi to relay his message to the Agency about a government official most likely conspiring with the criminal group after finding pertinent evidence that point to such possibility. Atsushi then encounters Tonan along the way, who asks Atsushi about their investigation. He remembers Ango's warning and lies to the vice minister. Tonan also tells Atsushi that he was merely having coffee nearby, but Atsushi's tiger senses do not smell such scent on him. Atsushi takes his leave, while Tonan smirks at how the Agency's downfall has been sealed.

Dazai arrested by a Hunting Dog.

At a racing stadium, a man asks Dazai about the results of the horse race, to which Dazai tells him. Despite his loss of sight, he tells Dazai that he can see quite well even Dazai's fate: he concludes that tomorrow shall not come for Dazai, instantly handcuffing and arresting the former Port Mafia executive for his past crimes. Tonan is notified of the arrest by the Hunting Dog and relays the news to his fellowmen. The secret council is also aware of the suspicions surrounding the Agency, including protecting a killer of 35 people, colluding with the mafia, and employing a doctor facing charges of murdering patients during her time as a military physician. He then orders everyone to commence their operations.

Tonan asks for his tardy secretary to hand him the documents regarding Fukuzawa assassinating war hawks — including Tonan's father — near the end of the war, which shall cement the Agency's downfall if all evidence are publicized. Tonan then asks his secretary to book an interview with the informant who has unearthed such information. The secretary tells him that the interview shall commence right away, afterwards remotely shooting Tonan and revealing himself to be Gogol.

Dazai asks the Hunting Dog why he has come to arrest him at such time, to which the man replies that evidence has suddenly reappeared. Meanwhile, a battered Mushitaro is tied up, whose ability's results are apparently erased by a man dragged into the issue to restore sins. Gogol quizzes Tonan on what the interesting part of the plan is, which Gogol himself answers is Tonan's life and death, as well as how the Agency will be involved.

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