Dogs Hunt Dogs, Part 1 (DOGS HUNT DOGS 其の壱, DOGS HUNT DOGS Sono Ichi?) is the 59th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Yosano saves Kunikida from the sniper.

Tonan contacts his troops that the Decay of Angels' true identity is the Armed Detective Agency. Upon noticing a sniper from afar, Yosano quickly pushes Kunikida out of the way and receives the wound herself. Kunikida asks Tanizaki to activate Light Snow to allow them to escape for the time being. However, the military police have intel on Tanizaki's ability that cannot hide their temperature, hence putting on their thermal headsets to track down the Agency members. Furthermore, they have other precautionary measures to take on the wanted criminals.

Kenji helps the Agency hide inside a room where they barricade themselves. Since it is most likely that the military guard's anti-terrorist unit has already surrounded the building, Tanizaki suggests they surrender, more so because they are innocent after all. Ranpo, however, tells them on the phone that surrendering is useless; he has been escaping the police as well and informs the Agency of the power of the Book. Even if they are to use Mushitaro's ability, it cannot alter memories of those who have seen them apparently abduct and kill the hostages.

Ranpo jumps off the building to escape from his pursuers.

Ranpo also warns the Agency of an ability user from the government who can read memories, from whom they must evade arrest at all costs, lest it would be a worst-case scenario. Before he can proceed, the Agency members hear Ranpo jump off the building window to escape the police pursuing him. The Agency members then become bewildered and disheartened upon realizing that their organization's downfall has finally begun. Meanwhile, the assault squad finally find the five prime suspects and fires sleeping gas at their hiding location.

The Agency members found dead.

A minute later, the assault squad detect only a single person's heart beats, while the other four suspects' heartbeats have stopped. As they enter the room, they find the bloody corpses of their suspects. Thinking that they have committed suicide, the captain orders the men to resuscitate the remaining living person to force out a confession. Yosano then welcomes her guests and quips that being barely alive in the Agency is similar to being in perfect health. She then activates Thou Shalt Not Die: Fourfold and resuscitates Kenji, Kunikida, Tanizaki, and Kyōka all at once. Afterwards, they take out the assault squad.

The five change into riot gear and head out of the building. One soldier remains conscious, who realizes that the members chose to die once in order to avoid the effects of the sleeping gas. When asked how they knew all about it, Kunikida shows the soldier a military-encrypted communication device that he reproduced with his notebook using his ability to hack their communications. He leaves the device near the soldier to let him ask for medical care. Before leaving, he takes out the soldier attempting to shoot him from behind. With all squads taken out, the captain decides to head to the frontlines himself, but his subordinate alerts him of an incoming missile near their location, thinking that it might be the enemy. The vessel finally lands, where a person inside comes out.

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