Murder on D Street is the 6th chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Atsushi accompanies Ranpo, a genius detective who's also very obnoxious, to the site of the murder case. A detective named Yamagiwa had been found dead in the river, shot three times in the chest. Her boss, Minoura, is the officer in charge of the case and is initially dismissive of Ranpo's help because he thought he was just an amateur who reads too much detective novels, but he is quickly proven wrong when Ranpo uses his ability, Super Deduction, to figure out that the culprit of the murder is Officer Junsa Sugimoto, Yamagiwa's junior who is also on the scene. This is proven by the three missing bullets in his gun. It turns out that Yamagiwa had been investigating a corrupt senator, and Sugimoto had been paid off by that senator to get rid of the evidence, but ended up shooting her and tried to get rid of the body. Atsushi later learns that Ranpo doesn't actually have an ability, he's just incredibly gifted, which is why his attitude goes unchecked at the Agency.

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  • The title of this chapter refers to Murder on D Hill, a book written by Ranpo Edogawa.