Dogs Hunt Dogs, Part 2 (DOGS HUNT DOGS 其の弐, DOGS HUNT DOGS Sono Ni?) is the 60th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


The Hunting Dogs dispatched to chase down the Agency.

Military police question the affiliation of the man who emerged from the vessel. As he gives out an ambiguous answer whether he is an ally of the Agency, an officer shoots him, but the man's comrade — the one who arrested Dazai — catches the bullet with his bare hands. Without further ado, the military captain introduces the famed Hunting Dogs to his subordinates, known as the army's strongest special unit. Soon after, two others land on the ground. With a total of five members comprising the Hunting Dogs, the captain tells his comrade that the fifth member's identity is unknown, though the member is infiltrating a certain organization at the time. The Hunting Dogs commander Fukuchi asks the military police to leave the criminals to the special unit.

After a phone call, Fukuzawa is arrested by military police for being an enemy of the state as the President of the Agency. Meanwhile, the Agency members manage to hide away from their previous location. Kunikida surmises that they shall be caught if they run, found if they hide, and crushed if they fight back. Moreover, Yosano affirms that number and weaponry dictate one's strength, while Tanizaki becomes anxious that Naomi is already being made out to be a criminal like them.

Kenji motivates his fellow members to survive the crisis they are facing.

Kenji nonchalantly offers the group some rice balls he has stolen from the kitchen. He also tells them the story of his village's ten-year orchard, in which an orchard they have been tending for ten years has been wiped out by a storm in one night. Nonetheless, the villagers started over again ten years later. Despite a strong storm being experienced by the Agency, Kenji urges his fellow members to live beyond the storm and beyond the dawn, since they must keep living as long as they walk the earth. Motivated, Kunikida encourages them that they must struggle through the storm and rebuild the Agency.

To do so, he proposes that they get away safely first. Because the military's mobilization of scent hounds, surveillance satellites, and other means of blockade expands at a rate of roughly 50 kilometers per hour, he offers two options of transportation to travel faster than the search radius's rate of expansion. Fukuchi conjectures that the Agency must be planning to escape either by hijacking a car to head south or by riding the train and blend in with the passengers to head north. As the Hunting Dogs deliberate which path they shall take, Kunikida opts to take a car in order to minimize civilian casualties that might ensue in a train if ever military troops catch up to them. With the Agency decided, they set out to execute their escape plan.

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