Dogs Hunt Dogs, Part 3 (DOGS HUNT DOGS 其の参, Dogs Hunt Dogs Sono San?) is the 61st chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


The Hunting Dogs head out to locate the Agency.

Teruko proposes that they chase down both the train station and the highway in catching the Agency. The Hunting Dogs split into two, with Fukuchi and Teruko to go to the northern station, while Jōno and Tetchō shall take the southern road. Though the military captain informs them of only one working vehicle they can offer them, Fukuchi assures them that they shall catch the Agency in any case. With their sheer speed, the Hunting Dogs set out to their respective locations.

Kenji blocks a passing vehicle and Kunikida asks the passenger if they have a car theft insurance; upon finding a vehicle with such, Kunikida carjacks the vehicle for their escape. Jōno and Tetchō arrive at the highway thanks to the latter cutting down some trees to reach their destination the fastest way possible. After voicing out his hate for Tetchō for his lack of artistry and unorthodox choice of food pairings, Jōno senses the ground and locates the Agency's vehicle. Meanwhile, as Atsushi struggles to get his leg out of the floor, he seeks help from approaching military troops. To his shock, the troops contact their higher-ups asking for permission to open fire at the criminal.

Jōno between Kenji and Tanizaki in the Agency's car.

Yosano asks Kunikida to drive quickly, but he tells her that they should keep driving inconspicuously. Hoping to head someplace where they can be aided, Yosano hints that she has a hideout in mind where they can go to. Suddenly, they find Jōno nonchalantly seated between Kenji and Tanizaki inside the vehicle. Kenji punches the Hunting Dog, but Jōno easily blocks his fist and kicks him out of the car. Tanizaki quickly activates Light Snow and grabs Jōno out of the vehicle. Having anticipated their act, Tetchō then arrives behind Jōno, who asks the strongest Hunting Dog to slay the two criminals as he so pleases. At that point, Kunikida rams the vehicle onto Tetchō, declaring that he shall not abandon a comrade behind.

Tetchō cuts the Agency's car in half using his ability.

As Atsushi is cornered, military troops fire at him. However, Kyōka's Demon Snow comes to his rescue and slashes through the bullets. She then knocks the troops unconscious and explains to Atsushi how the Agency has been framed as a criminal organization by the enemy. She then grabs Atsushi in an attempt to hide from pursuers. Kenji and Tanizaki grab on the vehicle as Kunikida gets frustrated to be chased down by the Hunting Dogs, who had undergone full-body operations that endowed them with physical abilities several times above average. All warmed up, Tetchō activates his ability, Plum Blossoms in Snow, and cleaves the Agency's entire vehicle into two.

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