Dogs Hunt Dogs, Part 4 (DOGS HUNT DOGS 其の肆, DOGS HUNT DOGS Sono Shi?) is the 62nd chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


The Agency members are shocked as their vehicle is entirely cut into two by Tetchō's ability. As Jōno remarks on their impending demise, Tetchō slashes Kenji and Tanizaki. Kunikida prepares to produce a stun grenade with his ability, but Tetchō quickly attacks him as well. Kunikida understands how Tetchō's ability allows his sword to extend for long distances and even bend at will. Jōno then asks Tetchō to kill Yosano to prevent her from healing her allies, later identifying the doctor as the "angel of death".

Chūya arrives to rescue the Agency.

Minutes prior the ambush, Fukuzawa sought help from Mori in aiding the Agency. Hence, just as Kunikida desperately surrenders the Agency to prevent Yosano from being killed, Chūya arrives on a chopper and fires bullets at the two Hunting Dogs through gravity manipulation. The Agency members grab on the chopper ropes, while Jōno remarks how the Agency still has allies.

In the chopper, Kunikida is in disbelief but nonetheless relieved that the Port Mafia has saved them. Chūya says that he was merely tasked by Mori with whom Fukuzawa made a deal, the price of their rescue being the exchange of an Agency member to the mafia. Tanizaki muses how the mafia saved them from arrest and Yosano from being killed, upon which Kunikida states that idealistic thought alone will not save their lives. The Agency members become surprised with Kunikida's change of heart, while he ponders on Jōno's earlier remark that, upon listening to his heartbeat, Kunikida apparently felt relief upon the possible dissipation of his ideals should his fellow members die.

Kunikida sacrifices himself to let his fellow Agency members escape.

As he is lost in thought, they notice Kenji stabbed with Tetchō's sword. The latter then bends the sword on Kenji to propel himself to the chopper, intent on not letting the suspects escape. Strengthening his grip on Kenji, the chopper is in danger of crashing. Kunikida approaches the chopper door and entrusts Tanizaki to find the true criminal. He then jumps off the chopper and grabs Tetchō mid-air. Remembering Jōno's previous belief that his ideals are lofty as a balloon that shall soon run out of fuel, Kunikida activates his ability through a page and produces a hand grenade. As he proclaims that his ideals shall never falter and that he shall fly for eternity, Kunikida's hand grenade detonates.

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