Enemies of Society (社会の敵, Shakai no Teki?) is the 63rd chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Dazai encourages Atsushi in a vision.

At the incident scene, Atsushi and Kyōka come out the ceiling where they hid for two days. Atsushi is still in shock after hearing about recent events from the investigators, including Fukuzawa's arrest and Kunikida's unknown status after his sacrifice. Walking along the streets, Atsushi witnesses the city bustling with news about the Agency's criminal activities, to which Kyōka tells him to look straight ahead and walk. Kyōka proposes they secure funds for their escape and take a train to head somewhere far away, though she does not know what to do afterwards. Atsushi muses how the Agency has saved him countless of times, but he himself cannot seem to save them. Dazai then appears in his vision, asking if he is giving up rather easily.

Encouraged, Atsushi suggests a way to acquire proof on the Agency's innocence, which is to find Mushitaro who appears to have some knowledge on the Decay of Angels. After all, he is the one who warned Ranpo before not to take the case regarding their enemy. To locate Mushitaro, they head to Fitzgerald to let them use his Eyes of God.

Fitzgerald battles Hawthorne.

As they arrive in their base, they find Alcott injured on the floor. She then directs Atsushi to where Fitzgerald is, after which he sees Fitzgerald battling Hawthorne. When Fitzgerald realizes that the former reverend has forgotten everything else aside from his beloved, he spends $50,000 to enhance his strength and penetrate a fountain pen to Hawthorne's palm. Injured, Hawthorne jumps off the building and runs away.

Mori welcomes his Agency visitors to their mafia hideout. Yosano asks Mori if he knows of Kunikida's status, but Mori is only aware of Dazai's situation, whose was previously caught by the Hunting Dogs and transferred most recently to the Department of Security most likely to be sent to an unfortunate location. Meanwhile, Fitzgerald laughs at Atsushi for saying that the Agency was merely set up. Moreover, he informs Atsushi that Dostoevsky is confined in Meursault, a European prison for ability users, which he considers the safest hideout for Dostoevsky to play his hand. Just as Dostoevsky realizes that the Agency is going to use Eyes of God, Hawthorne's ability activates in Fitzgerald's pen, possibly when the pen was filled with Hawthorne's blood from the previous attack.

Dazai versus Dostoevsky.

Dostoevsky thinks that Fitzgerald has been finished off as planned, reflecting how perfection is boring and does not allow one to appreciate the karma of mankind, unlike his cohorts from the Decay of Angels who wished for a perfect plan in accomplishing their goals. Just then, he spots another person confined in a cell across him. Fitzgerald and Atsushi get drenched in water as Kyōka activates the sprinkler system to dilute Hawthorne's blood. She also informs them that a message instructing to activate the sprinkler system flashed on the displays when she went downstairs. As he is told that the assassination is prevented, Dostoevsky smirks to see that he shall play his chess game in the facility with Dazai, who admits letting himself be captured to face Dostoevsky himself.

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