You and I, Children of Sin (君も罪の子、我も罪の子, Kimi mo Tsumi no Ko, Ware mo Tsumi no Ko?) is the 64th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Ango and his escorts visit their hospitalized chief.

Ango and his escorts visit Taneda in the hospital. As Aoki informs them that the chief is expected to wake up within 40 hours if his surgery is successful, Murakoso regrets not having accompanied him when he met with the enemy, though Ango says that those were the terms given by the criminal. Despite seeing such dangerous meeting as an obvious trap, Ango acknowledges that Taneda met with the criminal to gain information using the chief's ability, which is to understand abilities when activated near him.

As Ango takes his leave, he recalls how Taneda previously instructed him to kill — not arrest — the Decay of Angels should they encounter them. Though Ango found his order conflicting with the law, the chief reminded him that the mission of the Special Division for Unusual Powers is to ensure peace for the general populace regardless of the law and even if good people get involved or die along the way. Ango infers that the chief also possibly allowed himself to lose his own life all for the sake of peace. In the end, he promises to his escorts that he shall have crushed every single one of the culprits by the time Taneda awakens.

Dostoevsky and Dazai ask how they contact their subordinates outside.

At Meursault, Dostoevsky suggests he and Dazai discuss their problems with each other. Dostoevsky starts by asking how he can turn his two lazy comrades (Ivan and Pushkin) into excellent ones, to which Dazai advises that they shall start taking initiative once they realize that lazing is a bad habit. Dazai then asks Dostoevsky how he can sway a café hostess, to which Dostoevsky responds that she shall cling to him if he can make her lose her job and trick her into thinking that her family is abandoning her. As the guards become weirded out with the two, Dazai and Dostoevsky simultaneously ask each other how they contact their subordinates outside the facility, which the two do not reveal to each other.

Fitzgerald grasps the situation that Atsushi needs Eyes of God to locate Mushitaro in order to prove the Agency's innocence. Regarding his terms, Fitzgerald asks for the Agency's doctor to revive Mitchell so that she can kill Hawthorne and prevent any further interference from the assassin. Atsushi is apprehensive of his devious plan by having Mitchell kill the one she risked his life for in the past, more so because of his past intention of dropping Moby Dick to kill dozens of people. He then thinks that partnering with Fitzgerald is a wrong idea after all.

Mitchell's deteriorating condition.

As Atsushi prepares to exit the office, Fitzgerald confirms if truly wishes to back out of their negotiation, to which Atsushi acquiesces, thinking that he would be reprimanded by the President if he makes a negotiation with Fitzgerald. Nonetheless, before Atsushi leaves, Fitzgerald escorts him and Kyōka to Mitchell, whose condition has been deteriorating ever since the Guild and her family went bankrupt. With a change of heart, Atsushi makes the deal with Fitzgerald, thinking that he cannot merely ignore Mitchell or anyone experiencing hardships much like his younger self. They then prepare a truck to have Mitchell brought to the Agency.

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