Dreaming of Butterflies, Part 2 (蝶を夢む 後篇, Chō wo Yumemu Kōhen?) is the 66th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Mori shoots the Soldier.

When Mori ordered Yosano to heal the soldiers, including the one she befriended, she bluntly refuses to heal him in order to prevent him from returning to the frontlines. Mori warned her that the country shall be destroyed if she does not use her ability on their main forces in the war, but Yosano remained refusing his order. Mori then shot the Soldier, leaving Yosano no choice but to heal him.

With the soldiers blamed Yosano for prolonging the war, she believed that she had taken away their human right to lose and surrender. At one point in her life, a soldier once targeted her life but eventually failed. Later, when Yosano's hairpin went missing, the Soldier gave her a message from his room to hers. Despite vowing to endure the fight, the Soldier told Yosano that she has taught him how everyone's spirit had a limit.

Yosano sees the Soldier's final note denouncing her.

Once calling her an "angel", the Soldier refuted his own claim and referred to her as an "angel of death" for having control over the battlefield. He then asked her to tell his goodbye to his family and cut their conversation. Yosano rushed over to his quarters, only to find the Soldier hanging and a final note denouncing her.

Back at the present, Yosano tells Tanizaki and Kenji of her vague memories from then on, including her arrest for planting explosives to sink the ship. She also tells them of her stay at an isolation facility after the war, which Tanizaki thinks was the time when the Agency got her out. On the contrary, three years later, she tells them that the worst possible person, Mori, found her instead and got her out of the isolation facility.

Ranpo recruits Yosano to the Armed Detective Agency.

At that point, Yosano was fought over by Mori and Fukuzawa, President of the newly-founded Armed Detective Agency. Fukuzawa claimed that dragging Yosano back to a hellish life was inhumane, but Mori reasoned out that her ability was vital to overthrowing the erstwhile Port Mafia boss in the grand scheme of protecting Yokohama's peace as part of the tripartite tactic. With their conflicting ideas, Fukuzawa ended his alliance with Mori. The Agency's sole member at the time, Ranpo, approached her and returned her missing hairpin back at her base. He then recruited her into the Agency not to utilize her ability, but rather out of the need for her kindness.

After finishing her story, Yosano, Tanizaki, and Kenji overhear Tachihara complain to Hirotsu, suggesting that they merely shoot down the Agency members for apparently ignoring Mori's orders. Hirotsu, however, reminds him of Mori's order not to harm the Agency, as Mori has foreseen that Yosano and her fellow members would still proceed with the deal despite his warning. Hirotsu then calls out to the Agency members nearby, and Yosano assures him that the deal is not a trap because of her trust for Atsushi.

With Atsushi and Kyōka nearing their destination, Atsushi becomes thrilled to revive the Agency and reunite with the members in order to showcase their true strength together in facing the crisis. Kenji then sees the ambulance nearby and approaches it, only for the vehicle to explode.

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