The Sadness of Those Without Wings, Part 1 (翅無き身の悲しかな 前篇, Hane Naki Mi no Kanashiki kana Zenpen?) is the 67th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Military police corner the Agency and the Mafia members.

To their surprise, after the vehicle explodes when Kenji opened it, military police corner the Agency and the Mafia. When Kenji gets stabbed with a sword from a Hunting Dog, Hirotsu instructs everyone to run from Fitzgerald's trap. In their base, however, Fitzgerald tells Alcott that he chose not to sell the Agency's whereabouts to the government because of his trust for the Agency's willpower and strength, befitting his character of siding with the strong.

While Gin and Tachihara fend off the military police, Yosano approaches Kenji and soon notices a suspiciously-hooded figure amongst the troops. The man then controls the sword on Kenji, compelling Hirotsu to uproot the hardly-removable sword from Kenji with his ability. He then asks his allies to head to the mafia's secret passage. Meanwhile, Jōno informs his fellow Hunting Dogs that a dispatch request from the on-site troops has arrived, preparing themselves to head to the battlefield.

Tanizaki, Kenji, and Yosano escape separately.

The Agency and Mafia members hide in a secret passage, and Yosano heals Kenji. Tachihara chides Yosano for ignoring their warning that the deal was a trap, but she feels something strange. With the mafia's defenses being broken, their escape routes susceptible to being destroyed, and the Hunting Dogs about to arrive, Yosano proposes to Tanizaki and Kenji that they escape separately to have better chances of reviving the Agency rather than fleeing and getting captured altogether. She entrusts the Agency's revival to whoever among the three of them would survive and escape safely. Hirotsu then hands each of them the map towards their maze-like escape routes, and the three head their separate ways.

Atsushi and Kyōka find Yosano.

En route to their supposed meeting place, Atsushi hears some fighting underground. Kyōka removes a manhole cover nearby, from which emerges Yosano. As they ride the ambulance, Yosano informs Atsushi about Fitzgerald's trap, but he tells her that the Fitzgerald he knows would never betray a comrade — that is, he would never sell out the Agency until he knows that Mitchell has been healed. Atsushi asks the driver to leave, only to find him and the other passenger killed off.

Getting out of the vehicle, Yosano spots the hooded man nearby. Yosano asks Atsushi and Kyōka to escape and ensure Mitchell's safety, while she prepares to face the man. He then shows her the Soldier's final tally; Yosano is completely taken aback, though the Black Lizard commanders arrive to her rescue from an attack. In the process, while asking them to escape through boat, Hirotsu gets injured from a stab wound and asserts how his soul shall forever be with Port Mafia.

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