The Sadness of Those Without Wings, Part 2 (翅無き身の悲しかな 後篇, Hane Naki Mi no Kanashiki kana Kōhen?) is the 68th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Tachihara and Gin escort Yosano to a secret mafia base, a heavily-barricaded place that can only be unlocked by mafia members. Yosano tries to weigh out the possibilities that the hooded man is the Soldier from the past, especially due to the tally in his possession, the Hunting Dogs being former soldiers, the ability to manipulate metal, and her "Angel of Death" moniker that only she and the Soldier are aware of being known by other Hunting Dogs. However, she inevitably dismisses this idea because of his genuine death that she herself has witnessed and checked. As Tachihara and Gin secure their location's safety, Yosano asks the them to escape, but Tachihara asks her not to look down on them.

Gin's blade being controlled to stab Tachihara.

Tachihara talks about how his excellent older brother urged him to deliberately walk down the path of a delinquent because he hated being compared to him. Once, he got caught stealing from a dangerous gang's safe, after which he was found by a group and invited him to work for them. In the process, Tachihara came to value orders, which he believes define his character. At that moment, Gin comes up to him and stabs him. Warning them that she is being controlled, Gin soon stabs herself with her blade. Yosano soon notices the hooded man behind her and decides to face the hooded man, whom she considers a ghost from her past.

Dazai and Dostoevsky discuss the mystery of the fifth Hunting Dog.

Out of the blue, Dostoevsky asks Dazai if he knows about the fifth Hunting Dog. Dazai denies, stating that nothing comes out no matter how much he searched for the member's identity. Dostoevsky tells Dazai that the mysterious Hunting Dog is a dark executioner who can apparently manipulate metal. Dostoevsky then wonders how many Agency members can survive when faced with the fifth Hunting Dog.

Yosano evades the hooded man's attacks and grabs a gun from Tachihara, but the man easily repels the bullets. As she reckons how swords, guns, and other weapons do not have effects on him, the man lifts an entire boat and tackles Yosano with it to the ground. The man approaches her, but Yosano appears unscathed from the attack. Recalling how the President and Ranpo had forgiven her sins long ago unlike herself, Yosano holds down the man and brings out a bomb. With bullets taking no effect on her, Yosano detonates the bomb, telling him that she shall accept her punishment.

Tachihara revealed to be the fifth Hunting Dog.

However, the bomb turns out to be a feint, and the man she holds is actually a metal mannequin. She realizes that the enemy, therefore, has always been nearby. Yosano is hit by a blade on her calf, just as the four Hunting Dogs arrive. To explain how they were followed accurately despite the maze-like escape route, how the enemy can slip through doors, and how the bomb was a fake, it turns out that the fifth Hunting Dog is Tachihara, employed by the Hunting Dogs to infiltrate the mafia and keep an eye on Mori due to the former military physician's knowledge on military secrets. As he reveals to Yosano that the Soldier she killed years ago is his older brother, Yosano asks Tachihara to enact his revenge on her.

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