Kill A Man and Die Thee Too, Part 1 (人を殺して死ねよとて(前編), Hito wo Koroshite Shineyo tote (Zenpen)?) is the 7th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Dazai is kidnapped by a young girl wearing a kimono. The Agency isn't very worried as he can take care of himself. Yosano, the Agency doctor known for her sadistic treatments, asks Atsushi to go shopping with her. After they're finished, they get on the train to go home but are soon threatened by a Port Mafia member, Motojirō Kajii, who hijacked the train and threatens to blow up the train if Atsushi is not handed over. Yosano and Atsushi decide to split up to defuse the bombs and kill the enemy if they encounter him. Yosano, heading to the front of the train, is taken out by a lemon bomb thrown by Kajii but recovers and faces off against him. Atsushi, heading to the back of the train, encounters a young girl in a kimono with a cell phone. Atsushi tries to warn her away but is attacked by her ability Demon Snow. She turns out to be a member of the Mafia named Kyōka Izumi, ordered to protect the bomb with her life. Meanwhile, Yosano is seemingly killed by Kajii.


Kyōka stops Dazai.

A young girl with pigtails leans against the wall in a busy area, 2 people continuously talking to her as she ignores then. Suddenly, she walks passed them and grabs onto a passerby, Osamu Dazai. Dazai stops, asking what the girls want in confusion. The girl says shes found him, activating her ability as Dazai mumbles this is bad.

Atsushi tells Kunikida Dazai has gone missing, to which Kunikida says he's probably in a river, Kenji saying he's probably buried in the ground again, and Ranpo saying he's probably being detained again. Atsushi suggests Dazai could be in danger but Kunikida tells Atsushi that a man that cannot be killed by himself cannot be killed by others. Atsushi isn't convinced and Tanizaki walks into the room, offering his aid to Atsushi. Kunikida asks how many times Dr. Yosano had to preform her treatment and Tanizaki replies 4 in a nervous state, begging Atsushi to never get hurt as an agency member. Kunikida says that it's Tanizaki to blame as he didn't run when the mafia got involved, Ranpo says that that ability to notice dangerous is a good one, "For example, 10 seconds from now...", just as Ranpo trails off, Dr. Yosano walks into the room with a yawn, asking if Atsushi is hurt. Atsushi says he's fine and Dr. Yosano clicks her tongue in annoyance. Dr. Yosano asks if Atsushi would help her with shopping since he's the only one here, Atsushi turns around, confused when he sees everyone is gone, recalling them talking about the ability to sense danger.

Atsushi encounters Kyōka.

Atsushi carries a tall stack of boxes and shopping bags, Dr. Yosano warning him not to drop them. Atsushi passes by a girl with pigtails, both of them turning around to glance at each other when Atsushi trips and drops every time he's holding, knocking over a male wearing a suit. The male begins to scold Atsushi as he studders an apology, Dr. Yosano quickly steps in, crouching in front of Atsushi and brushing dust off the male's pants as she apologizes to him. The male suddenly kicks her, swearing at her as he points his finger to her. Dr. Yosano repeats his insult in a question, grabbing his hand threatening him back as she grips his male enough to make the bones crack as she says "Then shall I XX your puny X...?", immediately shutting up the male.

Atsushi and Dr. Yosano sit in the subway beside each other, Atsushi apologizes to Dr. Yosano and she brushes him off, telling him to not worry about such things. Dr. Yosano asks about Atsushi's leg being chopped off by the mafia, grabbing his leg and inspecting it, impressed on how there are no scars at all, making the tiger's ability more like reversion then regeneration. Atsushi awkwardly asks if anything's wrong, Dr. Yosano says that nothings wrong and that she wishes she could've treated him. Dr. Yosano lets go of Atsushi's leg, warning him about the mafia. Saying that the mafia only lost this time because they attacked the agency head-on, unlike their usual midnight surprise attacks, and that Atsushi should watch out for himself. The train intercom turns on, the voice on the intercom saying an experiment will be conducted. The experiment is to evaluate people's reactions and sensory input towards explosions, with the passengers being the test subjects.

Atsushi and Yosano split up.

Suddenly, a train car explodes, causing the entire subway train to shake. The voice on the intercom continues talking, asking how many people could've died from such a blast, and that they hope to heighten that number during the next explosion. The voice on the intercom revealed to be a male with a bowl cut. The male says that if Atsushi doesn't hand himself over, then he'll give the passengers a one-way trip to heaven with a bomb planted at the back of the train. Dr. Yosano stands up, Atsushi frantically asking her what they should do. Dr. Yosano gives Atsushi 3 options. 1; get captured obediently, 2; jump off the train with as many passengers as possible, and 3; beat them up. They both agree on option 3, Dr. Yosano saying that after all, they are agency members.

The male who Atsushi bumped into earlier overhears Dr. Yosano saying they're apart of the agency, telling them to think of something to do. Dr. Yosano smirks, saying the agency doesn't work for gree exactly. The male says he has more than enough money, and that they just need to stop the explosion and get him off the train. Dr. Yosano asks if what he said was a request and he confirms, Dr. Yosano says there's no other choice then, about to head off when the male asks: "Did you mean it when you said you would XX my XX?". Dr. Yosano turns around with a disgusted look, smacking the male in the head before she tells Atsushi to take the back while she takes the front of the train. Atsushi asks what he should do if he sees the enemy, and Dr. Yosano tells him to kill them.

Motojiro's introduction.

Dr. Yosano pushes through the screaming passengers, wondering how the mafia would dare threaten to blow up an entire train of innocent people in the middle of the day. Slamming open the door to the front of the train, her high heel catches onto a lemon shaped bomb, accidentally activating it. The male who spoke on the intercom welcoming her and saying his goodbyes to her limp body. Dr. Yosano stands up slightly injured, the male astonished on how resilient women are these days. Dr. Yosano says that all genders are the same and that it's more astonishing on how a wanted criminal would appear in board daylight. The male is revealed asMotojirō Kajii, an infamous bomber among the discreet mafia. Dr. Yosano recalls Kajii killing 28 civilians in the explosion of the Maruzen building.

Kajii proudly recounts the explosion of the Maruzen building, calling it a marvelous experiment with the slowing pulses, suffocating nerve cells, lactic acidosis, and death. Dr. Yosano is annoyed by Kajii referring to death as an experiment, and Kajii continues on saying that science is god and death, both in existence but neither can be researched by science with a solid answer. Kajii asks Dr. Yosano what her death's color would be, and Dr. Yosano tells him to show her.

Atsushi bumps into Kyōka.

As Atsushi pushes past panicking passengers, he heads towards the back of the train when the girl from the shopping mall bumps past him. A voice on the phone tells the girl to protect the bombs with her life, suddenly, Atsushi is impaled in the stomach by her ability, Demon Snow. The girl is revealed to be Izumi Kyouka, a member of the mafia.

Kajii laughs at Dr. Yosano's injured and limp body, a lemon bomb in hand.

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  • The title refers to a line from Thou Shalt Not Die, a poem written by Yosano Akiko.

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