Bungo Hound Dogs, Part 3 (文豪ハウンドドッグス 其の参, Bungō Haundo Doggusu Sono San?) is the 73rd chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Sigma takes charge following the explosion in the casino, issuing his men with instructions intended for specific casino guests. As they leave, Sigma panics with having to actually face the Hunting Dogs, the country's strongest special forces. Nevertheless, he vows to protect the casino and its true form at all costs, deciding to kill them as soon as possible while he still can.

Tachihara's conflicted feelings towards the Hunting Dogs and the mafia.

Tachihara stakes the hotel rooms in the casino for any sign of the Agency, but to no avail. He reminds himself that the vice commander brought him to their operation because he knows the Agency well after being acquainted with them after years of infiltrating the mafia. Thinking how Mori believed in the Agency's innocence, Tachihara dismisses trying to guess what the boss's intentions were, befitting the code of the mafia to simply act out the boss's orders. He suddenly realizes that he does not belong in the mafia anymore, but rather a Hunting Dog.

He spots a coin on the floor and later sees Atsushi entering a nearby hotel room. Tachihara sneaks in immediately and barges in the room, only to find it emptied. Thinking that Atsushi must have fled to Lucy's ability room, Tachihara unearths a hidden safe beneath the room's rug filled with foreign money and several coins printed with the casino's name. Monitoring from the security camera footage, Sigma is shocked for the Hunting Dog to find it almost with ease. After planning how to silence the Hunting Dog — despite Dostoevsky's advice for him before to run away instead of fighting the Hunting Dogs should they ever cross paths — Sigma remotely detonates the coin being held by Tachihara.

Teruko arrives to aid Tachihara in flushing out the unmanned aircraft.

To Sigma's shock, Tachihara has survived the head-on explosion after stopping the coin's metal piece to contain the blast. Tachihara realizes that the numerous coins inside the safe might be similar bombs. Sigma panics after failing to kill the Hunting Dog, reluctantly preparing to launch a last-resort method to keep Tachihara from divulging the secrets of the safe. Though he knows that it might harm the casino's guests and that he is an average person with the least combat-oriented ability in the Decay of Angels, Sigma remotely crashes an unmanned aircraft at the Hunting Dog in an attempt to kill him for the sake of the casino. Tachihara struggles to stop quite a massive piece with his ability, but Teruko arrives just in time to aid him with her own power.

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