Skyfall, Part 2 (SKYFALL 其の弐, SKYFALL Sono Ni?) is the 75th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Teruko and Tachihara are chased by the casino hotel guests quite possibly with troops blending in with civilians whom they cannot hurt, much to their frustration. Nevertheless, Teruko reminds Tachihara that they should uphold their duties as police not to harm anyone in any way. As she grabs him and escapes through an empty room, the horde of guests barge in, only to find an elderly woman. The guests find the room's window smashed, thinking that the Hunting Dogs have escaped into the floor below.

Teruko faces Sigma.

The elderly lady heads out of her room with a toddler stroller, calmly passing along the corridors in the midst of the hunt for Sigma's bounty suspects. She then arrives at a restricted entrance area; upon playing senile towards the guards, the lady tackles the two guards and reveals herself to be Teruko all along. As her ability allows to manipulate the age of others with a single touch, Tachihara peeks out of the stroller as a toddler, which allowed them to escape the riotous hotel floor. Teruko ages the guard until he reaches intense joint pain and multiple organ dysfunction, interrogating him on how they can control the central telecommunication terminal. Reaching his limit, the guard confesses that it can only be rebooted by the key in the manager's possession. With Tachihara to keep the guards at bay, Teruko faces Sigma.

Dostoevsky tells Dazai that Sigma was born from the Book.

Dazai is unconvinced with Dostoevsky's rationale on why he believes Sigma is his strongest piece in their chess game, thinking that letting him face the Hunting Dogs head-on is quite suicidal. Dostoevsky explains further that the casino is Sigma's focus of attention because it is his literal sole equal, deeming him an ultimate stranger in the world. In other words, Sigma was "born" from the Book three years ago, when he found himself in the middle of a desert, clutching a train ticket in his hand. Three days roaming the desert, Sigma was found by a group of human traffickers, enslaving him to exploit his ability in aiding them in their crimes. After fleeing from them, he developed a cynical view towards other people and believed that they would merely use his ability for evil.

Eventually, Sigma encountered Dostoevsky, who, despite being a terrorist bent on wreaking global havoc, offered him a home, the Sky Casino. Giving himself the name Sigma, he vowed from then on to protect the casino, which he considered his family, no matter the cost. Hence, Sigma refuses to surrender to Teruko, though he willingly throws her the terminal key. Remaining steadfast in his personal mission to protect the casino, Sigma brings forth the Painless Gun and fires successive attacks on Teruko, determined to win against his opponent.

Teruko clashes with Sigma in the communications room.

Atsushi hears sounds of combat coming from the communications room, worrying that Dazai's plan will collapse if they do not make it in time to intervene in the battle. Kyōka has Demon Snow cut down the outer wall to let Atsushi get through the floor below with comparative ease. Meanwhile, Teruko defends herself with her monstrous strength against Sigma's machine, eventually cornering the manager. She urges him to yield, as he does not have any chance to win to begin with. Sigma acknowledges her advice, asserting himself that he is, after all, an ordinary man. Teruko asks him for his final statement, to which Sigma brings out his gun, telling her that everything has gone as planned.

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