Skyfall, Part 3 (SKYFALL 其の参, SKYFALL Sono San?) is the 76th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Sigma fires his remodeled directed resonance gun at Teruko.

Pinning down Teruko on the ground, Sigma fires at her with his directed resonance gun, which has an output five times the standard gun. He asserts how he has shown the strength of his feelings through such means towards the Hunting Dog, but Teruko manages to stand despite being apparently wounded with the gun's resonance. As she charges at him, he notices that her ears were seemingly wounded by gouging her own ear canal to obstruct sound waves from entering.

Teruko then tells him that all Hunting Dogs underwent physical surgeries to enhance their bodies, albeit at the cost of having to consistently have preservation surgeries else their bodies would decay and die. As a result, the Hunting Dogs can exercise the strongest power mighty enough than any possible malevolent threat to society. She then breaks the window and holds Sigma down on the edge of the casino, urging him to yield. Sigma refuses, believing that an ordinary person like him desperate enough can still pass through any impenetrable barrier. Teruko lectures him that, though an ordinary man's desperation is indeed fearsome, there are prodigies like them with a higher level of desperation.

Atsushi saves Sigma while falling from the casino.

Soon realizing that he cannot save both the casino and himself, Sigma plunges himself to fall down together with Teruko in an attempt to at least save the casino. Teruko struggles to break free, but she later kicks him to fall alone. As Sigma falls down, Atsushi jumps to save him and lands on a box with the electric power installation. Sigma asks him why he saved him, to which Atsushi replies that only Sigma, who knows where the page is, can lead to helping prove the Agency's innocence.

Atsushi then lets Sigma communicate with Ango through his phone, who tells Sigma that he can extract his memories on the page with his ability. Even if he chooses not to cooperate, Ango assures him that they shall resort to anything, even torture, to acquire their needed intel, especially from the man who attacked Taneda. After Sigma laments that he truly had no intention to stab Taneda, he drearily agrees to cooperate with them, more so because he does not understand his reason for being born in the first place.

Sigma attacked by Hawthorne.

Ango then instructs Atsushi to escort Sigma to the ground, but Atsushi is appalled to see Hawthorne before them at such crucial time. Ango warns Atsushi that Hawthorne is Sigma's ally; hence, he must have come to kill Atsushi. Surprisingly, Hawthorne attacks Sigma with his ability, who falls off the box. Atsushi grabs Sigma, but Hawthorne attacks Atsushi on his forehead. Nonetheless, Atsushi utilizes the tiger's tail to grab on a ledge. Sigma asks Atsushi to drop him, but Atsushi refuses to let someone die not knowing why they were born. Upon complimenting Atsushi for his kindness, Sigma lets go of Atsushi's hand, befitting what an ordinary man like himself can do. Ango notifies Lucy of the situation mid-air and asks her to bring him something to grab her by, but she jumps off instead to save Atsushi from Hawthorne's incoming attack.

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