Skyfall, Part 4 (SKYFALL 其の肆, SKYFALL Sono Shi?) is the 77th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi saves Lucy from Hawthorne's attack.

Lucy manages to transport Atsushi and herself to Anne's Chamber in the nick of time. When Atsushi thanks her, he instantly shields Lucy from Hawthorne's blood bullet, having followed them through the Chamber by attaching a whip of blood on Atsushi. Amidst the latter's worry, Anne grabs Hawthorne. He tries to attack Anne with his ability, but to no avail since Anne cannot be attacked inside her Chamber. Afterwards, Lucy has him dragged towards the secret room and locked up.

Seeing that they have successfully captured Hawthorne, Lucy is gladdened, but Ango tells them otherwise: they have left Sigma to die, are unable to uncover the page's location, and are seen by the Hunting Dogs rescuing Sigma, which is an act synonymous to the Agency saving a fellow terrorist. Hence, Ango tells them that they have failed their mission due to Dostoevsky's schemes that not even Dazai cannot seem to see through.

Tachihara breaks the flash drive with Atsushi's intel on the Decay of Angels.

Dazai is visibly baffled with Dostoevsky, while the latter merely "prays" for his victory in his cell. Dazai suspects that the coin bombs might have been a decoy, though he is unsure why Dostoevsky would let the Agency and the Hunting Dogs encounter one another at the casino, if that was his intention. Meanwhile, Tachihara gathers intel on the terrorists in the casino and stumbles across a flash drive, which turns out to be a recorded video of Atsushi divulging information on the true terrorists, the Decay of Angels. However, he breaks the flash drive out of unbelief.

Dostoevsky reveals to Dazai that a condition was written on the page, where all police forces and organizations in the world will not believe any evidence that would acquit the Agency from their terrorist charges, even if it proves that someone had indeed framed them. In so doing, making the Hunting Dogs as their allies cannot be achieved ever since the start. Teruko then instructs Tachihara to infiltrate the mafia again in order to acquire more information on the other two detectives who have escaped. Tachihara feels unusually tense with doing so, though Teruko believes in his capability in such infiltration missions. Nevertheless, Tachihara recalls his visit to Hirotsu and Gin in the hospital, who informed him that their wounds were quite slight, as if the attacker (Tachihara himself) deliberately did so.

Upon recent reflections, Tachihara discerns that the Agency cannot be actual terrorists.

Dazai chides Dostoevsky for his foolishness in aiming for victory through securing perfection and harmony, telling him that the ones who actually make the world turn are those who adapt amidst any vulnerability and uncertainty. Amidst Tachihara's identity crisis, Hirotsu praised him for being a naturally exemplary mafioso, making Tachihara finally realize that he infiltrated the mafia to become someone and not to avenge his brother, reason why he had actually spared Yosano from killing her during their confrontation. Tachihara then sought Hirotsu's opinion regarding the Agency, upon which Hirotsu replied that he of all people should know how the Agency could not be terrorists. As a result, despite Teruko's orders and the condition on the page, Tachihara recognizes the Agency to be innocent and thinks how he should persuade the government that they have the wrong suspects.

Meanwhile, as he falls down, Sigma approaches land and sees a man on the ground near his landing spot. The man turns out to be Gogol, who awaits Sigma and prepares his "revival-from-death" magic.

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