To Threaten God, Part 1 (神ヲ威ス 其の壱, Kami wo Isu Sono Ichi?) is the 78th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Kunikida's amputation as a result of his sacrifice.

A state of emergency is declared in the United States after an explosion is caused by counterfeit currency, similar to the ones that caused the aerial terrorism in the Sky Casino. While watching the tragic news, the hospitalized Kunikida is visited by Jōno, who continues to press him about the Agency's involvement in such terrorists acts. Nonetheless, Jōno praises Kunikida's talent, such as when he grabbed Tetchō and used him as a shield from the grenade's blast during his sacrifice, ultimately letting him survive. Hence, in exchange for his freedom, Jōno invites Kunikida to join the Hunting Dogs, but Kunikida refuses. Jōno understands his answer, since Kunikida would lose his ability if he accepted such proposal without receiving a recovery operation. After all, it is impossible for him to write on his notebook with both his hands now amputated.

Atsushi loses his consciousness.

With their operation failed, Lucy asks her teammates what they shall now do. Atsushi muses how they would be able to solve and overcome an emergency such as their situation if only the Agency were together. He suddenly hears Dazai motivating him from behind, though Atsushi turns around to find no one. Even so, Atsushi gets encouraged and convinces his teammates that there might be another resolution to their dilemma, though he suddenly faints midway.

Jōno leaves to give Kunikida time to reconsider his offer, and he also informs him that Yosano is due for execution that day. Jōno then tosses Kunikida his notebook cut into two, rebuking Kunikida that his ideal of saving his comrades is now meaningless. As he is left alone, Kunikida screams out of remorse, with a sniper targeting him from a distance.

Thinking of it as his last resort, Ango prepares to shoot Atsushi to save the public from further terrorism.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Kyōka are worried that Atsushi is not waking up. Ango grows apprehensive, thinking that Atsushi has been infected with Pushkin's virus ability when he was previously struck on the forehead with Hawthorne's blood bullet. He then conjectures that Atsushi is being held hostage alongside the lives of the populace on the line as per the rules of Cannibalism. While Ango would choose saving the public over Atsushi, he discerns that Kyōka and Lucy would choose to save Atsushi; if push comes to shove, he knows that he stands no chance in fighting Kyōka's and Lucy's strong offensive abilities. Hence, Ango brings out his gun to shoot Atsushi before they realize the situation. As he points his gun at him, Atsushi awakens.

Sigma awakens with Gogol standing nearby, who reveals that he used his ability to keep Sigma alive from his fall and in stopping the bleeding on his chest. Sigma asks Gogol why he rescued him but later retracts it and asks instead why Gogol is still alive, given that he must have been dead ever since the start way back during the hostage situation. Gogol reveals how he created an illusion with his ability to survive, but Sigma asks him why he faked his death as opposed to the original plan that required him to be genuinely dead.

Gogol asks Sigma to use his ability to know Dostoevsky's ability.

Gogol explains how he had truly intended to die at such time, since no one understood his motive of proving the existence of true free will. He suddenly remembered being understood only by Dostoevsky, whom he has considered his one true friend. Upon realizing it, Gogol decides that he shall truly be free from the brainwashing called feeling if he kills his true friend, Dostoevsky. In order to do so, Gogol asks Sigma to use his ability to read Dostoevsky's ability.

Ango panics with Atsushi seeing his stance moments before shooting him, but Atsushi tells them that he knows where the page is located.

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