To Threaten God, Part 2 (神ヲ威ス 其の弐, Kami wo Isu Sono Ni?) is the 79th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi tells Ango that he knows where the page is located, the information transferred to him through Sigma's ability. Ango realizes that Atsushi collapsed due to an information influx that caused his brain to sort down the details in order by surrendering consciousness temporarily, a phenomenon that Ango once similarly experienced with his own ability. Atsushi then informs the team that the page is being held by the Decay of Angels' leader, Kamui, the powerful mastermind behind the entire terrorism incident.

A sniper shoots down the lock in Kunikida's hospital room.

Kunikida recalls Jōno's slanderous remarks towards his ideals. He soon spots a sniper from afar, who shoots down the lock in his room. With his feet shackled to his bed, Kunikida is cornered by someone in a gas mask calling themselves Kamui, who releases some gas from a canister.

Atsushi is yet to figure out where Kamui is, though an image of a gas mask somehow appears in his vision. Ango proposes to have Atsushi recover his recollection faculties through an external painful stimulus. Another solution that Ango suggests is to have him read into Atsushi's memories with his ability, upon which an external stimulus can also be performed on Ango if it causes him pain and the memories are properly sorted. Just then, Atsushi senses killing intent from the information on Kamui and tells them that they should leave right away, since he senses Kamui currently enacting an assassination operation on the Agency members.

Katai disappears from his futon in his apartment.

Yosano is escorted in a transport vehicle en route to her execution site. An explosion occurs on the road ahead, compelling the military police to scout the surrounding area. Not long after, they are horrified to find the transport vehicle carrying Yosano missing on the road. Meanwhile in his apartment, Katai is confined and being guarded heavily by military police for his ties with the Agency suspects. As he throws a tantrum wishing to at least have his cellphone, a smartphone is tossed at him from the window. Upon accessing it, Katai screams out, and the guards enter his room, shocked to find that he has disappeared.

Fukuzawa is visited by Kamui and their companion, placing a hood over his head and escorting him out of his cell. Later, as the hood is removed, Fukuzawa finds himself and the other two on a rooftop. Thinking that they plan on silencing him by throwing him off the roof, Fukuzawa tells Kamui that he knows who they are.

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