To Kill and then to Die Part 2 is the 8th chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Atsushi is attacked ferociously by Kyouka's ability, Demon Snow and is on the brink of being killed. Meanwhile, Yosano is revealed to still be alive but heavily injured and gloated over by Kajii. She calls him an idiot when he calls himself a scholar and asks what death is, causing him to pour lemon bombs on her, which blow up. At the other end of the train, Atsushi, looking at the scared passengers, decides to rush at Kyouka while wishing he could activate his power. Kajii returns to the train car Yosano's in to see her corpse, but is shocked to discover her still alive when she beats him up. It's revealed that her ability, Thou Shalt Not Die, is a healing ability that can only be used when the injuries are fatal. Meanwhile, Atsushi is shocked to see that his arm managed to turn into a tiger's arm, which allows him to turn the tide of the battle with Kyouka. He tells her to surrender but is shocked to see the bomb strapped to her chest. He is confused by her emotionless behaviour throughout the whole ordeal and asks her what she wants. Yosano tells Atsushi over the intercom that the bomb on Kyouka can be deactivated with a remote. However, when the button's pressed, the voice from her cell phone tells her that the bomb will be going off in a few seconds and to take everyone with her. Atsushi yells at her to take the bomb off, but she pushes him away and throws herself off the train, after telling him that she doesn't want to kill anymore. He realizes that she has no control over her ability since she only uses it after listening to the cell phone. He jumps after her and they land in the water with the bomb exploding from a safe distance. It's revealed that the voice on the phone is Akutagawa, and he's with Dazai, who's chained up.

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