Kill A Man and Die Thee Too, Part 2 (人を殺して死ねよとて (後編), Hito wo Koroshite Shineyo tote (Kōhen)?) is the 8th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Atsushi is attacked ferociously by Kyouka's ability, Demon Snow, and is on the brink of being killed. Meanwhile, Yosano is revealed to still be alive but heavily injured and gloated over by Kajii. It's revealed that the voice on the phone is Akutagawa, and he's with Dazai, who's chained up.


Atsushi bleeds after Demon Snow's attack.

Atsushi, being injured from Kyouka's ability, struggles to stand up. Immediately Demon Snow cuts him down once again as the voice on the phone orders, Demon Snow taking one last attack, causing Atsushi to gush out blood from his stomach and the train doors to break into pieces. Atsushi falls into the ground, thinking Kyōka is too powerful. Kyōka introduces herself, saying she is an orphan just like Atsushi, she likes rabbits and tofu, and she dislikes dogs and thunder. She continues to say that after she was taken in by the mafia, she has killed 35 people in 6 months. The voice on the phone tells her to keep the bombs sake and kill whoever interrupts. Atsushi stands up, shocked at Kyōka's murder count. Demon Snow obeys the voice on the phone, impaling Atsushi against the wall before he blacks out.

Motojiro asks Yosano a question.

Dr. Yosano struggles as Kajii says the agency must not be as powerful as they say, stepping on her as he pulls out a knife. Kajii says before he kills Dr. Yosano, he would like her to answer a question, what is death? Dr. Yosano asks about his question and Kajii says that it's his academic interest and that humans die because of cerebral hypoxia, (oxygen deprivation of the brain), and telomere abrasion, (wearing at the end of chromosomes). Going on to ask why death is irreversible and why people must die. Dr. Yosano laughs at Kajii's question, insulting the mafia's dangerous reputation. Kajii is amused by her response, saying how could she know such a thing when he is a scientific explorer. Dr. Yosano says it's because he is an idiot, Kajii retaliates, stabbing the knife through her palm and pinning it into the floor. Thanking Dr. Yosano for her feedback, he drops lemon bombs out of his sleeve before he walks away, saying that after someone has died of blood loss, the brain can remain conscious for another 8 hours, and he'll be sure to ask her corpse how does it feel to be dead? Dr. Yosano struggles at the knife in her palm, just before the bombs activate.

Atsushi evades Demon Snow's attack.

Atsushi leans against the train door, bleeding out. He sees the passengers on the train, terrified and staring at the scene. Atsushi blames himself, telling himself that it's all his fault that these people on the train have to deal with this. Getting a flashback of Akutagawa telling him that he brings misfortune to those around him by being alive, and a flashback of his orphanage director asking by he is still living, insulting him, saying the same words Akutagawa had said, telling Atsushi that the lives of those who can't save anyone have no value. Atsushi gets an idea, calling it a stupid idea, the idea that if he can save the passengers on the train, then would it give him an okay to live? Atsushi walks up to Kyouka, Kyouka warning him to stay away. Atsushi runs forward, dodging Demon Snow's blade when she quickly moves her attack again. Atsushi seems to give up, thinking the answer to his idea is a no. When there is a small interruption and Kyouka pauses in shock.

Yosano punches Motojiro.

Kajii comes back to check on Dr. Yosano, seeing her body limp with her head out of the window sitting in a train seat. He hums as he walks closer to inspect her when Dr. Yosano springs up and punches him in the face, causing him to be thrown into the seat parallel to Dr. Yosano. Dr. Yosano is disappointed that Kajii didn't fly farther, Kajii is in shock and studdering. Dr. Yosano asks Kajii which side she punched him on, Kajii pointing to his left cheek when Dr. Yosano punches him again in the right cheek, happy his now symmetrical. Kajii asks how it's possible that Dr. Yosano survived his attack, Dr. Yosano says that she may not look it, but she is a doctor and that she's seen more death then Kajii by a hundredfold. Dr. Yosano slams her foot into the floor and answers Kajii's question on what is death, saying that death is the loss of life, and though doctors may try, their patient's lives keep slipping through their fingers. Saying she'll kill Kajii for having no respect for life, Kajii remembers Dr. Yosano as the doctor of the detective agency, her being an extremely rare healing ability user. Dr. Yosano says that her ability, Thou Shalt Not Die, can heal all external wounds including her own. But, the conditions being that the wounds must be fatally serious, and if she needs to heal a minimally injured person, she must bring them to the brink of death. Dr. Yosano pulls out a large machete, asking Kajii if she would like her to treat him. Kajii screaming in response.

Atsushi's tiger ability defended him from Demon Snow's attack.

Atsushi opens his eyes, seeing his arm is now that of a tiger's and Demon Snow's blade is unable to pierce it, the blade against his arm. Demon Snow retracts and continues to attack Atsushi with no avail, Atsushi dodging each of the attacks before cutting Demon Snow's katana in half, the blade stabbing into a pole as Atsushi runs up to Kyouka, his tiger claw to her neck. Kyōka glanced over to Atsushi, unmoving, Atsushi instructs Kyouka to deactivate her ability and reveal the location of the bomb. Kyouka simply says her name and her kill count, recalling her most recent victims being a family of 3, a father, mother, and their son, saying Demon Snow decapitated them. Kyouka pulls open her kimono, revealing the bomb attached to her chest. Atsushi freezes in shock, asking how Kyouka could act as an emotionless killing machine. Atsushi yells to Kyouka, asking if this is really what she wants to do. Dr. Yosano calls out to Atsushi from the intercom, asking if he's still alive before saying that according to the idiot bomber, Kajii, that the bomb at the back of the train is set off by a remote, and it'll blow in a few seconds if not defused properly, and the only way to defuse the bomb is to pres the emergency stop button with the mafia agent. Atsushi stretches his hand, telling Kyouka to give him the remote. Kyouka hands him the remote, Atsushi pressing the button when the bomb on Kyouka clicks.

Kyōka showing the bomb attached to her body.

The voice on Kyouka's phone asks if she pressed the button and that she shouldn't take the bomb off so she can take the passengers with her to show how formidable the mafia is. Atsushi flinches, yelling at Kyouka to take off the bomb when she says it's too late. Kyouka shoves Atsushi back, Atsushi then realizing that Kyouka cannot control her ability and that her ability is being controlled by the voice on her phone. Kyouka stands in front of the empty hinges of where the train doors used to be, the doors having been cut down with Atsushi earlier. Kyouka says her name and kills count again, suddenly crying that she doesn't want to kill anymore before jumping off the train. Atsushi screams, jumping out of the train and falling close to Kyouka before ripping the bomb off her and hugging her from the blast before they fall into the water. Dr. Yosano peering out of the window, yelling Atsushi's name before cursing under her breath.

Atsushi pulls Kyouka and himself out of the river, smiling once Kyouka coughs and recovers. Kyouka sits up, looking over to Atsushi smiling to her, mumbling an erm before Atsushi passes out, collapsing onto her. The person on the other end of Kyouka's phone hanging up, revealed to be Akutagawa. Akutagawa sits down, saying that a pawn is just a pawn, no matter its power. Then asking someone what they are, that someone revealed as Dazai chained up against a wall.

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