The Strongest Man, Part 2 (最強の男 後篇, Saikyō no Otoko Kōhen?) is the 81st chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Half of the military police defend Ranpo and Minoura from other fellow police.

The police car transporting Ranpo gets caught in a spike strip, and Ranpo is broken out of the car by Minoura. As they flee the scene, the latter tells Ranpo that he has come to save him because he believes in his soul just like what the great detective implored the police to do through his earlier broadcast. They are soon cornered by the military police, which Ranpo thinks is quite impossible to escape. Minoura assures him that not all police are idiots like he thinks, upon which a half of the military police break the encirclement to protect the detective from arrest, believing in their intuition.

As the military police get divided amongst one another, Ranpo casually walks away from the scene and rides Minoura's car. Though the police officer chides how the detective has split the police forces into two, Ranpo says it is intentional in order to oppose the page's restrictions and to convince a certain individual. Minoura then lauds Ranpo being able to predict how some of the police would get moved by his words, but Ranpo admits that he has had his doubts and is initially hesitant whether he would really be able to sway the police according to his plan.

The Agency partially reunited.

In Anne's Chamber, Atsushi is overjoyed to see Kunikida and the rest of the Agency, including Yosano, Katai, and Ranpo, alive. Atsushi rushes to Kunikida and embraces him; Lucy asks Kyōka that she can also celebrate with them, though Kyōka tells her that she is controlling herself. Atsushi worries about Kunikida's amputation, but the latter assures him that Yosano will heal him up in no time. With the Agency partially completed, Ranpo instructs him and the others to find Kenji and Tanizaki, while he shall go and contact Fukuchi.

In his office, the Hunting Dogs commander is beseeched by United Nations delegates in founding an anti-terrorism association. The delegates are daunted by Fukuchi's intimidating aura, only for Fukuchi to vomit in front of them due to an overnight intoxication. Tetchō explains and apologizes for his commander's inebriation, though Fukuchi eventually sobers up. They continue their conversation, and the delegates inform Fukuchi of their plan to establish an anti-terrorist association comprising of global military police to be led by him. First, they aim to bring down the Agency terrorists, but Fukuchi, believing that the Agency is not actually hostile, issues a condition to change the aim of the situation.

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