HERO VS. CRIMINAL is the 84th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Akutagawa meets with Dazai two days before the terrorism case.

Two days before the Decay of Angels incident, upon getting notified, Akutagawa met with Dazai in a certain forest where they also first met each other. Dazai asked Akutagawa to tail Atsushi within the following days and become his eyes when a certain chaos would occur. Without taking any sides and remaining undetected during such time, Dazai assured Akutagawa that he shall save the world, the Agency, and Atsushi. However, Akutagawa refused his directive since he could not care less about the Agency nor the weretiger, but Dazai believed that Akutagawa would save him nonetheless.

Back on deck, Atsushi clutches his leg, hoping for its hasty regeneration. Fukuchi asks him whether he shall end Atsushi's suffering at once, but Akutagawa, from above the ship, tells him that there is no need to do such thing. After all, as his senpai who has fought him countless of times before, Akutagawa knows that Atsushi shall always come back as a more bothersome adversary whenever pushed into tight situations.

Akutagawa arrives to intercept the battle between Atsushi and Fukuchi.

Akutagawa explains to Atsushi that he has come upon Dazai's orders in his personal operation, with the smoke signal that Ranpo lit earlier to beckon him to provide the necessary assistance. Fukuchi broods over having to fight another opponent; Akutagawa tells him that he has no intention of revealing Kamui's identity, since he threateningly promises to finish off the mastermind anyway. As he launches a quick attack on Fukuchi, Akutagawa informs Atsushi that he has destroyed the engine room to prevent the ship from arriving port and to isolate their opponent at sea.

Recalling his meeting with Dazai two days ago, Akutagawa asked Dazai why he chose him to perform such a heavy task among the many other strong and wise people that Dazai knows. The latter had him recollect the first time he took him in to the Port Mafia and revealed that letting him join forces with Atsushi during occasional instances was his trump card against demonic forces: to raise a new generation of Twin Dark.

After planning their strategy, Fukuchi then proceeds to rip off the ship's handrail with his ability to commence the battle, advising the two youngsters to walk the road they choose with no regrets and, for whichever of them perishes, to face downfall all the more in spirit. Cladding himself with Demonic Armor, Akutagawa tosses Atsushi his severed limb to regenerate, after which he clashes with Fukuchi.

Atsushi and Akutagawa retreat.

With his ability enhancing any weapon's strength a hundredfold, Fukuchi cuts through the entire ship with the handrail. Though Akutagawa manages to evade it the first time, Fukuchi swings the handrail again much faster, which Akutagawa admits he cannot dodge. Convincing himself that he can prove to Dazai that he can overcome death itself, Akutagawa uses Demonic Jaws and stops the handrail attack. He rushes towards Fukuchi head-on, only for the latter to flip him over, similar to Fukuzawa's technique. Akutagawa continues improvising his Rashōmon attacks and defense until he is eventually cornered by Fukuchi. With the latter about to slash him with his katana, Atsushi, having regenerated his leg successfully, saves Akutagawa and jumps off from the deck with him to escape into the ship.

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