HERO VS. CRIMINAL Part 2 (HERO VS. CRIMINAL 其の弐, HERO VS. CRIMINAL Sono Ni?) is the 85th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Akutagawa and Atsushi attacked by a ship guard.

As they retreat into the ship's corridor, Akutagawa shuns Atsushi's decision of escaping from their opponent rather than sticking to their mission of finishing him off. Atsushi reasons out how Fukuchi is too strong even for the both of them together, though Akutagawa insists that he will defeat him so that he will not return to being merely something that Dazai discarded. Akutagawa explains that Dazai switched him for Atsushi as his new subordinate; from then on, Akutagawa believes that it is his trial to overcome Atsushi. They notice a guard approaching and prepare to strike him, but the guard immediately surrenders to the two intruders. Nonetheless, this turns out to be a feint to have them caught off guard, upon which the guard fires his gun at them.

Atsushi and Akutagawa manage to defend themselves with their abilities; afterwards, Akutagawa attacks and grabs the guard to threaten him, while Atsushi asks Akutagawa not to kill him. As he releases the guard, Atsushi finds the guard merely incapacitated; Akutagawa tells him that he shall not kill the man as part of their six-month deal, assuring Atsushi that he is a man who keeps his word.

Akutagawa recommends battling Fukuchi with their combined powers.

As they continue to flee upon hearing other guards nearby, Akutagawa tells Atsushi that they can defeat Fukuchi with Beast Beneath the Moonlight–Rashōmon: Black Tiger's Supreme Claw, the same attack that defeated Goncharov and his nearly impenetrable earth golem. However, they both realize a flaw in their strategy: regardless of the sheer strength of their combined powers, Fukuchi is quite agile and smaller than an earth golem. Moreover, with Akutagawa's coat fully enveloping Atsushi during the combined attack, it would render him entirely vulnerable to be targeted first by Fukuchi.

Reaching an impasse, Akutagawa ponders what the Twin Dark would be doing in such times. With Dazai as the brain and Chūya as the brawn, Akutagawa recommends that they have to match Dazai's strategizing intellect, which Atsushi finds to be quite a challenge. After exchanging ideas that seem quite ineffective, the two conclude that battling Fukuchi underwater is the only way possible. Though their movements will be compromised, Black Tiger's Supreme Claw has a longer range than his katana, and battling him in water also keeps Fukuchi from procuring any possible weapons.

Fukuchi awaits Atsushi and Akutagawa.

They then head to get the submarine for government officials in the ship to use it to distract Fukuchi, upon which they shall attack him from behind. However, they find Fukuchi already waiting for them near the submarine tank, having anticipated their strategy. Atsushi questions his motives behind the entire terrorism case, to which Fukuchi responds that it merely had to be done. He proceeds to tell them his bloodstained past of torturing soldiers and civilians alike, which was commanded by the nation to him. To bring about the end of all wars, Fukuchi notions that all nations must fall. With Atsushi unable to fathom his reasoning, he declares that he can now never forgive Fukuchi. The latter voices out his battle cry, while Atsushi and Akutagawa activate their respective abilities to charge at their opponent.

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