Hero War, Gang War is the 89th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Tachihara reveals a recording of the agency's speech.

After the events of people turning into vampires, Tachihara suggests to Fukuchi to let him investigate the situation since he believes that there is a true culprit. However, Fukuchi refuses and will not be authorizing the search. He believes that there might be a possibility of having a true culprit however Tachihara's ability can be useful to keep the infection-type ability at bay and says that they would be at loss if they were left without it. Hearing Fukuchi's words regards on his ability, Tachihara gives up on the investigation.

However, Tachihara pulls out a flash drive and says he retrieved it at the Sky Casino and will give the information to the police officers supporting the Armed Detective Agency, the key person advocating them, Deputy Commissioner Yasui. It turns out the flash drive contains the agency's speech about the truth of the case. Tachihara destroyed them at the casino but he manages to retrieve it using his ability. He then asks Fukuchi again to let him authorize it.

Fukuchi tells Tachihara to hand over the flash drive.

Fukuchi ponders about recording in the flash drive, although his identity is not spoken of, the tactics of the Decay of Angels may be inspected. Fukuchi then decides to authorize it however he offers to let him hand it to Yasui since they are close. Jōno interferes and asks Fukuchi if it is alright to hand the flash drive since it contains information put by the agency to disturb the investigation and further says that if it were to be leaked outside, it may cause confusion. Tetchō then reveals to Jōno that the commander talked to the U.N. chairman about the theory of the detectives being the culprits.

Fukuchi then asks if there are any more recordings to which Tachihara says that it is the only one, resulting to Fukuchi saying that it's the more reason to keep it safely. Just as Fukuchi is about to leave, Tachihara informs him that he will be the ones telling Yasui that the commander is on the way to give him something.

Mori reveals he knows Tachihara's identity.

Fukuchi leaves and goes to a unknown place to wake up Bram and orders to bite Yasui. Fukuchi then leaves however he is shocked to see Tachihara at the place and asks the reason of him being there. Tachihara reveals that the device he gave is fake and instead contains a location tracker. Fukuchi asks him if he suspected him to which Tachihara replies that it was not him but the one who suspected him is his boss, Mori. He then restates that after he got back to his mafia infiltration, he was summoned by Mori.

Upon Tachihara has been summoned, Mori reveals that he have heard it all from the agency from Tachihara being exposed as a member of the Hunting Dogs by Yosano and how Atsushi fought the true mastermind of the Decay of Angels. Mori then orders Tachihara as a member of the Port Mafia to become a double spy and destroy the true enemy.

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Chapter Notes

  • Mori learned about Tachihara being a member of the Hunting Dogs.
  • Tachihara became a double spy.


  • Mushitaro previously stated that the Decay of Angels' plan shall be realized until the next full moon, while this chapter notes that their operation is until the next new moon.

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