Hero War, Gang War, Part 2 (HERO WAR, GANG WAR 後篇, HERO WAR, GANG WAR, Kōhen?) is the second part of the 89th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Tachihara remembers Mori's orders to defeat the enemy.

Upon learning that the device Fukuchi brought is a tracker devide, he proceeds to break it in his hands. Meanwhile, Tachihara reveals that it is also a listening, hence, their conversation is being listened by the Military Police Audit Division. Tachihara then asks Fukuchi the reason of him doing this since he have carried many commands under him including playing his part in the Port Mafia and faking emotions in front of his comrades because he thought it made him who he is and now can't wait for Fukuchi's downfall. Fukuchi replies that he can just order Bram to bite eveyone in the division, making his plan proceed without any trouble. He then wakes up Bram. However, Tachihara pulls out his sword and tells him that together with his boss, Mori have taken some measures against his ability.

Fukuchi breaks Tachihara' sword.

Tachihara begings to attack Fukushi however Fukuchi manages to retract the attack. Fukuchi plans on piercing Tachihara's past but his sword won't budge at all. Tachihara uses his ability to manipulate Fukuchi's sword. Later, Tachihara manages to get hold of the sword. Fukuchi tells Tachihara that only 5 ability users in the world could do such thing. Honored by the commander, he tells that he'd better not be careless whether Fukuchi have been stipped naked or at the death's door. He proceeds to attack Fukuchi using his sword but Fukuchi stops the sword and breaks it into pieces with his bare hand.

Tachihara gets stabbed using Fukuchi's sword.

Using the swords' shards, Tachihara uses it to get into Fukuchi's blood vessels, revealing that it is the boss strategy that if the shards penetrate his brain or heart, he will die. Fukuchi tries to remove the shards from his arm but is again getting attacked by Tachihara. Fukuchi continues to evade all of his attacks. He tries to press the shards out his body but to no luck, can't remove it. Tachihara reveals that the shards are rising deep inside Fukuchis' blood vessels and suddenly notices a letter "T" carved on the wall and pay no attention to it. Fukuchi stops on his tracks and tells Tachihara that he did a splendid job cornering him in a single-combat like that even as a Hunting Dog. Tachihara introduces himself as Port Mafia's Michizō Tachihara but thinks that being a Hunting Dogs is fine too if Fukuchi hadn't done something like that, and angrily asks the reason he betrayed them and the reason for doing it to the world, with someone of his caliber. Before even finishing his question, out of nowhere, Tachihara is stabbed by a sword.

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