Beautiful People are like Silent Statues is the 9th chapter of Bungo Stray Dogs.


Kyouka is taken back to the Agency by Atsushi to recover. Kunikida tries to question her about the Mafia, but she refuses to answer unless she gets to eat tofu stew. They take her to the restaurant, where she explains that she was taken in by the Mafia after she was orphaned, and turned into an assassin. Kunikida takes Atsushi aside and tells him to bring her to the police station, since she has already killed so many people, and even if she's returned to the Mafia she would just be executed as a traitor. Atsushi is told to take her to the station without letting her know what's he up to. Meanwhile, Dazai remains cheerful even while being chained to a wall. Akutagawa attacks Dazai with his ability. It's revealed that Dazai was a former Mafia executive who aborted during a mission and disappeared, ending up fighting the Mafia on the other side. Dazai taunts him by saying that his new subordinate is a lot better than him, causing Akutagawa to get angry and attack him again. Atsushi tells Kyouka that he'll bring her to wherever she wants to go, and they go on a trip around the city before Kyouka leads him to the police station, where she decides to turn herself in. Before he could protest, Akutagawa arrives and stabs Atsushi through the chest with Rashomon, and drops him into a truck. It turns out there was a tracker on Kyouka, making her the bait. The truck drives off while Kyouka looks on.

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