Beauty, Hushed Like a Statue (うつくしき人は寂として石像の如, Utsukushiki Hito wa Sabi to shite Sekizō no Gotoku?) is the 9th chapter of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.


Kyōka is taken in by the agency after Atsushi saved her previously, Kunikida and Atsushi question her after shes recovered and awakened, Kyōka wanting Tachibana Temple's tofu as a price. After eating her tofu, Kyōka answers Kunikida and Atsushi's question before Kunikida tells Atsushi to take Kyōka into police custody to which they argue about. Kunikida tells Atsushi if he cares about someone other then himself then he'll be overwhelmed, Atsushi asks himself why Dazai would help him if Kunikida's words where true.

Meanwhile, Dazai has been kidnapped by the Port Mafia. Akutagawa comes to visit Dazai, despite Dazai being chained to a wall he mocks Akutagawa repeatedly, Akutagawa retaliating by physically abusing Dazai.

Atsushi and Kyōka walk around Yokohama, Atsushi accidentally asking Kyōka out on a date as he shows her around Yokohama. During their date, Atsushi is impaled by Rashomon and thrown into a metal truck, Kyōka being taken back by the Port Mafia.


File:Kyōka wakes up at the agency infirmary.

Kyōka is seen at the agency's infirmary with worried Atsushi outside the room. Kunikida approaches Atsushi and tosses Kyōka's phone to him and saying that the battery had already been removed. Atsushi then apologizes for not noticing earlier but Kunikida says that it is not his fault. Kunikida then reveals that Kyōka is an infamous assassin in which she fools enemies by her appearance before killing them and tells Atsushi that the police have seen her face and it is only a matter of time before they arrest her. Atsushi then mumbles that the evil ones are the ones abusing their ability but Kunikida responds that abilities don't necessarily bring happiness and tells Atsushi that he should also know that. Yosano interrupts them and tells them that Kyōka is awake. Kunikida then proceeds to ask her about Port Mafia and who is their head. Kyōka responds that the tofu at the Tachibana Temple tastes good and that if she can eat there, she will tell them about the Mafia.

Kyōka reveals that Akutagawa controls the phone.

The three later then arrives at the restaurant. Kyōka then proceeds to tell them that he was orphaned and was taken in by Mafia which has their eyes on her ability. Kyōka further tells them that "Demon Snow" only obeys the voice coming from the phone. Atsushi then tells her that she could throw her phone to which Kyōka replies that she can but will be killed if she resisted. She also tells them that even if she could leave the mafia, she had nowhere else to go. Kunikida then asks who controls the phone and Kyōkar reveals that a man named Akutagawa controls it. Kunikida then leaves to report the news to the agency and instructs to hand Kyōka over to the police.

Atsushi exclaims but Kunikida proceeds to tell him that she killed 35 people and will surely get capital punishment. He even tells Atsushi that even if they let Kyōka return to the Mafia, she will be executed for being a traitor. Kunikida then asks Atsushi if he is going to save her and prepared to take all her misfortunes. Atsushi ponders a bit. Kunikida tells him that Kyōka is indeed drowning in the abyss of misery and gives Atsushi advice that he only has one boat that can carry one person and if let someone beyond salvation come aboard, they will both drown together. Hearing Kunikida's words, Atsushi wonders that if that's the case, what's the reason Dazai saved him.

Dazai restrained by Rashomon.

Dazai is then seen being held captive with bruises in an unknown place when Akutagawa appears. Akutagawa uses Rashomon to restrain Dazai. Dazai then tells Akutagawa hos nostalgic the place is since it reminds of Akutagawa when he was still a rookie. Akutagawa then tells that how shameful Dazai become being a former executive of the Mafia and defining it. Dazai mocks Akutagawa to which Akutagawa punches him. Akutagawa tells Dazai that he can kill him at any moment. Dazai then responds that training Akutagawa back then was a chore and describes Akutagawa as dumb and mocks his ability as trash. Akutagawa holds back against Dazai's words and tells him that he won't be cocky for too long since the Mafia will eliminate the agency and capture the tiger and then execute Dazai. Dazai responds of he can since his subordinate is better than him.

Atsushi attacked by Rashomon.

Atsushi and Kyōka are seen talking a walk outside. Kyōka then asks Atsushi where will he take her to which Atsushi responds that to wherever Kyōka wants to go. They then went to different places to eat and enjoy activities. After their leisure time, Kyōka tells Atsushi that she has one place to go and points over the police station. Atsushi stops her and tells her that she will be executed if arrested. Kyōka responds that even if she returns to Mafia, she will be executed either way and describes her existence as a crime. Just as Atsushi was about to speak, he was attacked bu Rashomon. Kyōka turns her back to see Akutagawa. Akutagawa tells her that she won't be executed since she accomplished the mission and reveals that they had planted a tracker on her so they knew all her moves. Akutagawa then throws Atsushi inside a truck and tells Kyōka to go home. The truck then proceeds to leave leaving Kyōka scared and shocked to her knees.

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