Crime and Punishment (罪と罰 (つみとばつ), Tsumi to Batsu?) is the ability of Fyodor Dostoevsky.


Fyodor kills Karma with a single touch.

Little is yet known of Fyodor's ability; thus far, it was able to kill someone with a single touch.[1] Moreover, it is not restricted to skin-to-skin contact. For instance, when he was grabbed by a government agent wearing gloves, the agent was nevertheless killed by Fyodor's ability.[2]

Another hint towards the nature of his ability is that it did not turn against him even when affected by Tatsuhiko Shibusawa's mist, which separated majority of affected ability users from their own powers. It even declared itself to be the "punishment" to Fyodor's "crime" and stated that they were closely linked.[3]


The ability is based on Crime and Punishment (Преступление и наказание, Prestupléniye i nakazániye), a novel by Fyodor's real-life Russian counterpart, Fyodor Dostoevsky. Told from the perspective of its protagonist Rodion Raskolnikov, the story depicts the impoverished student's mental anguish and moral dilemmas as he kills a pawnbreaker for her money, after which his initial justifications to his act dissipate, and he becomes filled with guilt upon facing the consequences of his action.[4]


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