Chapter 1 is the first part of 1st chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


A flashback is seen where Oda is giving his last message to Dazai which is to be on the side that saves people.

Dazai visits Oda's grave.

At present, Atsushi is looking for Dazai. He finds Dazai sitting beside a gravestone with the initials "S.ODA" engraved on it. Dazai then asks Atsushi if he knows whose grave lies there. Atsushi replies that he doesn't know but tells Dazai that they must be important to him. Dazai asks why he thinks they are important to him. Atsushi replies that it is the first time seeing Dazai visit a grave and asks if it was a woman he liked. Dazai responds that if it was a woman, they would have died together. He then tells that it is his friend that lies there and the reason he left the Port Mafia and joined the Armed Detective Agency but suddenly brushes it off as a lie. He then asks Atsushi if Kunikida ordered him to find him. Dazai then passes for the meeting and tells Atsushi he wants to try a little suicide method while leaving the cemetery.

Kunikida giving a brief report on the case.

At the agency office, Kunikida is giving a brief report about a mysterious case on ability users. He then shows the agency surveillance from Taiwan in which a fire ability user was burned to death after a fog disappeared. The next case was a card ability user from Singapore and an ice ability user from Detroit which are both killed by their abilities. After the presentation, Kunikida then asks Atsushi where Dazai is. Atsushi replies that Dazai passed on the meeting to try a new suicide method.

Fukuzawa accepts the investigation on Shibusawa.

Tanizaki asks if all the ability users will die if they touch the fog. Yosano also raises a question as to how this case is related to them. Kunikida then tells them that it is an investigation request from the Special Division for Unusual Powers and that they have information on a man that may be related to the case, Tatsuhiko Shibusawa which is also called as "The Collector". Fukuzawa tells the agency that they will take on the case and investigate it to ensure the safety of detectives and the stability of the population of ability users.

Tanizaki and Kunikida are seen walking at the warehouse street. Tanizaki asks Kunikida if the case is even possible to which Kunikida replies that he also isn't sure but the Special Division for Unusual Powers must have information about the case. They both then arrive at the place where they are supposed to meet a Special Divisions agent. However, they found the agent dead and evidence left by the criminal which is an apple pierced by a knife.

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