Chapter 1.2 is the second part of 1st chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


Dazai saying that suicide is wonderful.

A flashback is seen where Dazai is at the Bar Lupin and asks what toast shall they make that day. Oda replies if they weren't going to wait for Ango. Dazai then proposes to talk about the world and asks Oda if he knows about apple suicide. Oda confusingly replies with Cinderella. Dazai then replies that it was an unexpected answer from Oda. Oda then continues to tell that if it was about poisonous apples, then it is Snow White. Dazai then ponders if Snow White intended it to be a suicide knowing that it is a poisoned apple and still bit it. Oda then asks the reason why she would do that. Dazai replies that it was "despair", maybe from the maltreatment of her mother, and tells Oda that the world is full of despair that why it is such fun. Dazai reveals that he met a person that can make people kill themselves through apple suicide and tells that suicide is wonderful. Oda then tells Dazai that he has an interesting way of thinking.

At present, Dazai is at the Bar Lupin mumbling that Oda is right that it is wonderful to save people as long as he is alive to do it.

Kyōka approaches Atsushi.

Meanwhile, Atsushi wakes up from a nightmare. Kyōka knocks on Atsushi's place and asks if the mist had come into his dream. Atsushi then remembers it from his dream and quickly stands up from his bed and opens the window from their room. What they saw outside was a huge fog that covered Yokohama. Kyōka then tells Atsushi that they have to go to the agency office. Atsushi, panicking, tells Kyōka to call first and to get instructions. Kyōka flips her phone to call, but unfortunately, the call was not connected.

Fyodor declaring that the event is a test.

Dazai then inserts a pill into his mouth and leaves the bar. After leaving the bar, he was stopped by Ango. Dazai asks if he came to drink but Ango says he came for work. Guards from the Special Divisions of Unusual Powers cornered Dazai. Ango then tells that Shibusawa had come to Yokohama and asks if it was Dazai who is responsible and if he really believes that ability users are committing suicide.

A huge fog appears and Dazai turns around with Shibusawa appearing behind him. Fyodor is seen standing at the top of a building telling that it is a test from God to people who go against the dead's happiness and that everyone's pain will serve for the purpose of God's amusement.

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