Chapter 2.2 is the second part of the 2nd chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


Kunikida wounded.

Atsushi and Kyōka continue to run from the tiger chasing them. Atsushi then jokingly tells Kyōka how funny it is that their abilities are not working. While running, Atsushi trips and falls down. After getting up, he finds Kunikida wounded and struggling, Kunikida then reassures Atsushi and tells him that the wound is fine and not the problem and tells Atsushi that he found out the reason why the suicides of ability users are happening.

They then heard a loud crash and finds the tiger. Kunikida shoots the car causing it to explode. Kunikida then orders for all of them to escape. They then find a temporary hiding place inside a warehouse. Atsushi then asks Kunikida what happened. Kunikida reveals that he was shot by his own ability.

Kunikida attacked by Demon Snow.

Suddenly, Demon Snow cuts through the walls and appears before them. Kyōka then hurriedly tells Atsushi and Kunikida to go inside the car. Kunikida orders Atsushi to run while shooting Demon Snow. Demon Snow attacks Kunikida but manages to defend himself. Atsushi then lets out his hand and Kunikida grabs it. They managed to escape from Demon Snow. Kunikida then orders Kyōka to go to the agency office and they will stay there for the time being. Atsushi then asks Kunikida about the earlier conversation. Kunikida then tells them that ability users are not committing suicide but they are being murdered by their own abilities.

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