Chapter 3 is the first part of the 3rd chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


Atsushi, Kunikida, and Kyōka at the president's office.

Atsushi, Kyōka, and Kunikida arrives at the agency office only to find out it was a mess and some objects are destroyed. Kunikida then tells them to hurry over to the president's office. Kunikida kicks the president's table which reveals a secret safe at the bottom. Atsushi asks him what he is doing while Kunikida pulls out a card and swipes it to the safe. The safe opens and Kunikida places his palm to activate it. After activating it. a big screen appears on the wall.

Ango revealing information about the fog.

A voice is heard coming from the screen telling that it is connected and to keep the level stable. The voice then asks if Fukuzawa hears him. Kunikida responds with his name and asks if the person is an agent from the Special Divisions for Unusual Powers. The voice from the screen reveals himself to be Ango Sakaguchi from the division. The screen stabilized revealing his face.

Yosano vs. Thou Shalt Not Die.

Ango asks Kunikida what is their current situation to which he replies that Atsushi and Kyōka are there with him and other agency agents are currently missing. Ango then tells the message will be short since the connection is not stable. He then proceeds to reveal that the fog phenomenon has occurred in Yokohama and there hasn't been a large fog recorded in the past and although the fog has stopped, the whole city of Yokohama is covered with fog and is isolated from the outside. He also tells them that people have vanished and only ability users remained.

He further explains that the crisis is upon the agency also and abilities are trying to kill their ability users in the mist. Meanwhile, Kenji fights his ability, Undefeated by the Rain. Tanizaki is being strangled by his ability, Light Snow. Yosano fights with her ability, Thou Shalt Not Die, and manages to cut her arm off but the ability manages to regenerate back the arm to which Yosano says it is troublesome.

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