Chapter 3.2 is the second part of the 3rd chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


Kunikida, Kyōka, and Atsushi after hearing that Dazai is with the mastermind.

Ango continues to brief the agency and tells them that they have located the ability user who seems to be causing the incident. Ango then shows the location, which is a high-rise building in the center of Yokohama, a place called Mukurotoride. Kunikida then asks if its Shibusawa after all. Atsushi suddenly remembers a scene in which he standing behind a door. Ango then proceeds to tell them that he is making an important request to the agency, to eliminate the mastermind, Tatsuhiko Shibusawa by any means. Ango also warns them that Dazai seems to be with Shibusawa. Shocked by the statement, Atsushi asks if Dazai has been captured. Ango responds that if Yokohama will be destroyed if they don't act now and the screen suddenly shuts off.

The building suddenly begins to move. Kunikida's ability, "The Matchless Poet" makes a hand grenade and throws at the agency building. Kunikida sensed that his ability is there and tells Kyōka and Atsushi to go on ahead and tells that he can stop him by himself.

Kunikida instructs Atsushi and Kyōka to leave.

Atsushi then tells him that he cannot win over his own ability. Kunikida replies that it is not whether he can win but whether he is willing to fight. He also tells them that prevailing himself is what he had always done. He then slams the wall, revealing a set of firearms. Atsushi asks what are those things. Kunikida replies that they are the "armed" detective agency. Kunikida gives Atsushi a pistol. However, Kyōka says she doesn't need one. Kunikida then reveals that his ability can't create weapons bigger than the size of the notebook and instructs the two to escape at the back door while he distracts him.

Ango at Ministry of Home Affairs, asks Takuichi if they know the location of "Ability user A5158". Aoki replies that they know the location. Ango orders to send a message that says "Come pay your debt to Doc glasses."

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