Chapter 4 is the first part of the 4th chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


Atsushi and Kyōka leave Kunikida at the agency just as he instructed. Atsushi continues to worry about Kunikida's safety, however, Kyōka tells him that eliminating Tatsuhiko Shibusawa is their top priority. Atsushi then mumbles and asks what kind of person Tatsuhiko Shibusawa is and turns to Kyōka that they just need to capture him but they don't have to kill him. Atsushi further tells that they can manage once they rescued Dazai. There was no response from Kyōka and they continue to go to Shibusawa's location.

Meanwhile, at the Mukurotoride, Dazai is looking at the vicinity of Yokohama when a voice calls him out. The person turns to be Tatsuhiko Shibusawa. He asks Dazai if it is boring to see a sea of white nothingness, a featureless world. He further tells Dazai that all abilities will be his own that night and those who go beyond his mind and overturn his expectations will not emerge. Dazai then responds that it's boring and he's bored like Shibusawa. Shibusawa asks him how he got over the boredom. Dazai then approaches the table and tells him that it's easier to show him rather than tell him.

Dazai sits and tells Shibusawa that he doesn't understand his intentions and says that maybe he'll betray him and tells Shibusawa that he seems to be needing salvation. Shibusawa asks whether Dazai knows who can save him. Dazai replies that it might be an angel or a demon. Another voice is heard which belongs to Fyodor Dostoevsky. He tells both of their intentions are obvious and with such lies, they'll never be able to write a good play and lost their audience. Shibusawa then tells Fyodor that he will be his last collaborator. Dazai then tells Shibusawa that Fyodor has a high chance of betraying him. Fyodor agrees with Dazai's statement. However, Shibusawa tells them that no one has ever exceeded his predictions so far. Fyodor then tells that he feels sorry for the city of ability users since whether any one of them lives, the ability users will all die.

Atsushi and Kyōka are still on their way to Dazai. Atsushi is worried and tells what if his ability never returns.

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