Chapter 5 is the first part of the 5th chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


Akutagawa appears during Kyōka and Demon Snow's fight. Shocked to see Akutagawa, Atsushi raises his gun and points it at Akutagawa. However, Akutagawa describes it as a pathetic weapon and says it won't land on Rashomon, appearing before them. Akutagawa, Kyoka, and Atsushi are surrounded by their abilities. Rashomon is about to attack Akutagawa when the Tiger attacks Rashomon. Demon Snow attacks Kyoka and tells them that there is a secret passageway meant for higher-ups in the Port Mafia. Akutagawa then tells Atsushi to come with him. Kyoka reassures Atsushi that she will catch up to them. Kyoka barely arrives and escapes Demon Snow.

The three enter the elevator and successfully escapes. While at the elevator, Akutagawa tells Atsushi that the passageway was built in case of an attack of ability users and even the fog can't reach them. Atsushi asks what the fog is to which Akutagawa replies that it is a Dragon's Breath. Akutagawa then asks Kyoka that both of their abilities are temporarily gone, Kyoka can kill him any time and asks her what's stopping her from doing it. Atsushi angrily replies to Akutagawa that Kyoka doesn't think of anything anymore about him. Akutagawa then replies if Atsushi wants to settle things between them while they still don't have their abilities. Kyoka interrupts and asks Akutagawa if he knows how to get their abilities back. Akutagawa replies that he knows a method which is to defeat it.

Atsushi then asks what Akutagawa is after and Kyoka replies that it must be the same goal as theirs, to defeat and capture Shibusawa. Akutagawa says he will kill Shibuwasa once he sees him. Atsushi then insists that they won't kill since that is no what the Armed Detective Agency does. However, Akutagawa replies that Kyoka knows the entails of the job since she used to be a Port Mafia member. Kyoka then clarifies that the killings of Port Mafia and Armed Detective Agency are different. Akutagawa then further tells that if this happened before Dazai joined the enemy, they can use his ability to nullify the fog. Atsushi is shocked to hear this. Akutagawa declares that he will be the one to kill Dazai and if Dazai is going to fall in the enemy's hands, he rather kills him himself. Atsushi raises his gun and points it at Akutagawa telling him that he won't let him kill Dazai.

The elevator opens and Akutagawa leaves. Atsushi tells him that he can't come with Akutagawa. Just as the door closes, Kyoka follows Akutagawa and with no choice, Atsushi follows them.

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