Chapter 5.2 is the second part of the 5th chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


Shibusawa welcomes Fyodor and Dazai to his collection room. Fyodor then tells that he is impressed that Shibusawa as able to gather that many crystalized abilities and adds that the devil must be jealous. Shibusawa replies that Fyodor must be a rat of death for selling information from evil since the collection was gathered from the information he bought from Fyodor.

While going through the Port Mafia's secret passage, Atsushi asks Kyōka why she was following Akutagawa, Kyōka replies that Akutagawa has information on the surrounding mystery and will be a big asset once his ability comes back. Akutagawa then notices Kyōka's cellphone to which Atsushi never knew that it was Kyōka's mother's cellphone.

The three came out a sewer. Suddenly, Akutagawa tells that his ability can read him like an open book ad glances towards the separated Rashomon. Kyōka offers to help Akutagawa beat Rashomon however he refuses saying that he had to wander many nights and kill enemies to prove his might but the enemy worthy of fighting has been really close to him. Akutagawa then disappears at the fog.

Meanwhile, Demon Snow appears. Kyōka then charges forward and tells Atsushi to focus on what he need to do. Atsushi's ability from, the tiger appears and Atsushi prepares his self to fight it.

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