Chapter 6 is the first part of the 6th chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


Back at the collection room, Shibusawa tells Fyodor and Dazai that people are mere machines made of flesh that he becam acquianted with but there is someone he cannot comprehend, himself. Dazai then asks Shibusawa if he doesn't have any friends to which Shibusawa responds that friends are unnecessary for life all of Yokohama's abilities will become his. He then approaches Dazai and asks him if he really thinkg that there is a person who can win against their own ability.

Rashomon then starts to attack Akutagawa to which he successfully evades it and tells it that he knows its distance limits. While Rashomon tries to approach Akutagawa, Akutagawa presses a remote which causes the platform Rashomon is standing on, to collapsed. However, Rashomon mannages to still attack Akutagawa using Rashomon: Agito. Akutagawa is then seen falliin from the platform trying to avoid the Rashomon's attacks.

Meanwhile, Atsushi tries to shoot the tiger but unfortunately, it can repel the bullets. The tiger then attacks Atsushi and scratches Atsushi. Atsushi then remembers that in order to defeat it, he must break the diamond on its head. Atsushi then picks up his gun and tries to shoot it however the gun ran out of bullets. Kenji, Yosano, Tanizaki, and Kunikida are also seen fighting with their abilities.

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