Chapter 7 is the 7th chapter of the Bungo Stray DEAD APPLE manga.


Atsushi runs away from the tiger but hits him, causing Atsushi to be smashed against the wall. Meanwhile, Kyōka continues to fight Demon Snow thinking that if she defeated it, it will become one with her and she will slaughter again, suddenly Demon Snow attacks her and causes her cellphone to drop. Demon Snow continues to attack Kyōka, due to Demon Snow's strong sword skills, it is able to break Kyōka's dagger. The phone fell and suddenly rings.

An illusion is seen wherein Kyōka holds the phone. Suddenly, her mother shows up saying that Kyōka still wants to use Demon Snow in order to protect others. Her mother turns around and smiles at Kyōka.

Kyōka snaps out of the illusion and Atsushi is seen defending her from Demon Snow by keeping its sword immovable. Atsushi then orders Kyōka to break the glass on its forehead. Kyōka then successfully breaks the diamond on its forehead and Demon Snow disappears. Suddenly, the tiger appears and bites Atsushi's leg, however Atsushi also eventually manages to break the diamond on the tiger's forehead and it disappears.

After the battle, Kyōka worries about Atsushi's wounds to which Atsushi responds that he will be fine once his ability comes back. The two then sees the Mukurotoride. Atsushi suggests that they should help Dazai since he will know what to do. Kyōka's ability then came back meanwhile Atsushi wonders why his ability hasn't come back. Akutagawa then arrives and his ability also came back. Atsushi continues to wonder why his ability hasn't come back to which Akutagawa calls him a fool. Atsushi then remembers the orphanage director.

Kyōka then tells Atsushi to rest since he obtained many wounds. Kyōka then reveals that she controls Demon Snow through her phone and she didn't want to hate it. Atsushi is then left alone in the scene.

Chūya arrives at the government facility. Ango orders the personnel to leave them two alone. Ango tells Chūya that he can't get away from what he had done to which Chūya replies that he will be the one to decide it and tells Ango that he has debt to him, to which Ango says otherwise. Chūya then tells Ango that it was the bureaucrats that sent Shibusawa into the Dragon's Head Conflict six years ago.

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