Dazai, Chūya, Fifteen Years Old
Fifteen Sample Cover
Vital statistics
Author Kafka Asagiri
Illustrator Harukana Sango
Published on 3 March, 2018
Published by Kadokawa
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BEAST - White Akutagawa, Black Atsushi - Unknown
Dazai, Chūya, Fifteen Years Old (太宰、中也、十五歳) is a light novel written by Kafka Asagiri, exclusively released alongside the official DEAD APPLE premiere on 3 March, 2018. A booklet summarizing the light novel's events will be included in DEAD APPLE's DVD and Blu-ray release on 28 November, 2018.[1] It was adapted into the anime, filling Episode 26 to Episode 28.


The ghost of the previous boss haunts the Port Mafia. At fifteen, Osamu Dazai, under the careful eye of Ōgai Mori, receives his first mission to investigate the matter. The investigation leads him to Chūya Nakahara, the infamous "King of the Sheep", a rival group of juveniles. With his own past unknown to him, and the lives of Sheep members on the line thanks to the Port Mafia, Chūya agrees to work alongside Dazai in order to unveil the truth behind the Port Mafia's former boss.[2]


  • Prologue
  • Phase. 01
  • Phase. 02
  • Phase. 03
  • Phase. xx
  • Phase. 04
  • Phase. 05
  • Epilogue


  • In phase 03 and 05, there was a mention about the original Port Mafia structure. Before the unknown deceased leader that Mori killed, there were two previously unnamed leaders before him.


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