Decay of Angels Arc is the fifth story arc in Bungo Stray Dogs. It introduces a new group of antagonists, the Decay of Angels.


The Armed Detective Agency is framed by the Decay of Angels, an ability organization whose leader, Kamui, is in possess of a page from The Book. Wanted by the Government and the Hunting Dogs, a special ability group tasked with the apprehension of dangerous ability users, the Agency members must prove their innocence.





  • The fifth member of the Rats in the House of the Dead is introduced.
  • The Decay of Angels are introduced.
  • The Hunting Dogs are introduced.
  • Tachihara's identity as a Hunting Dogs member and Ability user is revealed.
  • Yosano and Mori's shared past is explained.
  • Fukuzawa and Fukuchi's shared past is explained.
  • Fukuchi's identity as Kamui is revealed.
  • Akutagawa’s limited lifespan from his lung disease is revealed.
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