Fortune is Unpredictable and Mutable (人生万事塞翁が虎, Jinsei-bajin Saiō ga Tora) is the 1st episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It first aired April 07, 2016.


Driven out from his orphanage, Nakajima Atsushi wanders the streets of Yokohama on the brink of starvation. Determined to live, a chance encounter with a drowning stranger changes his fate...


Dazai meets Atsushi

Dazai meets Atsushi.

Nakajima Atsushi is on the brink of death, laying by the banks of a river under a bridge. Determined to keep living despite the hateful comments of his past orphanage to him, he resolves to rob the next man he sees. Almost immediately, he sees a man floating down the river and ends up saving Osamu Dazai from a comical attempt on his own life. Noticing the hunger of the boy, he invites him to eat at the expense of his partner, Doppo Kunikida.

While chatting, they came across the topic of their careers. The pair acknowledge that they were of the Armed Detective Agency, a renowned group of private eyes armed with supernatural powers for cases too dangerous for the likes of the police. Kunikida questions Atsushi if he had seen a white tiger roaming around the town recently, inducing a response of fear on the part of the boy. Atsushi panics, claiming that the white tiger had been following him fro the past two weeks and was out for his blood. In the end, Dazai takes him to a warehouse to apparently lure out the beast.

Atsushi transforms into a tiger

Atsushi transforms into a tiger.

While waiting, Dazai remains calm throughout the hour, whilst Atsushi is convinced that the tiger had arrived and was stalking the shelves of the building. Keeping a cool face, Dazai states that Atsushi had seen the tiger for two weeks and had seen the beast for the same amount of time that multiple accounts had traced back to. He had also been in the same towns as the tiger, revealing that Atushi himself had a skill and could transform into the creature under the light of the full moon, not unlike a werewolf. When he transforms and attempts to attack him unconsciously, Dazai harnesses his own skill and stops him. When Atsushi wakes up, he finds himself surrounded by most of the Agency, where Dazai reveals him and recruits him to the Agency, much to his confusion.

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